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  • Storage

  • Stolz - Cylindrical Metal Silos

    Stolz - Cylindrical Metal Silos

    Economical. Quick assembly. Reduced footprint. Different grades of metal depending on the product be storde and height of the silo.

  • Compound Feed

  • Granules Sifter with Oscillation Screens

    Granules Sifter with Oscillation Screens

    It is a specific oscillation system that optimizes the distribution of products while limiting the dynamic loads. It is suitable for all particle sizes whose spectrum ranges from large-diameter granules starchy products. The finished products can be of different types depending on the application using mono or multidirectional cases with flexible circular connecting elements. It provides the possibility of depression start. There is a version with an...

  • Dust Removal

  • Cyclone Filters

    Cyclone Filters

    They perform a pre-separation (cyclone effect) of larger particles that can damage the filters. Thanks to its circular surface, they can withstand the suction pressure. The cyclofilters separate products from other products by high-pressure.

  • Built-in Pad Filter

    Built-in Pad Filter

    Industrial dusters with flat bags. Under the effect of the fan, the air admitted into the case comes through the bags from the outside to the inside and goes out again throuhg the case of treated air. The dust is deposited on the filter sleeve. The sequencer box cleans the filters of the bags after a filtration to prevent the dirt.

  • Bellow Feeder

  • Bellow Feeder for Tank

    Bellow Feeder for Tank

    The product is downloaded in a watertight way. The sleeve is fitted to the inlet of the tank and an outer tube sucks the dust of the downloaded product. These sleeves offer plenty of options in material and structure (level control, vibrating sensor, keypads, drive type, bellow types and tissues, bell types) to be taken into account according to the product for which will be used.

  • Bellow Feeder

    Bellow Feeder

    Bellow feeder for open trucks, wagons, warehouses and ships. The sleeve starts downloading when it detects that its output is in contact with the floorof the wagon or ship. The dust generated by the discharge is drawn through an external pipe line. You can choose from several options in material and structure (level control, vibrating probes, keypads andbellow types and tissues).

  • Pneumatic and Fluidized Conveying

    Pneumatically transporting product in bulk is, roughly, to introduce a granular or powder product in a stream of air flowing along a conduit.

  • Bypass Valves (Diverters)

    Bypass Valves (Diverters)

    They are used to divert the product flowing through a pneumatic conveying circuit another or other circuits. A typical application is the filling of several silos from a single point of unloading tanks.

  • Stolz - Dense Phase Pneumatic Conveying

    Stolz - Dense Phase Pneumatic Conveying

    It uses compressed air at pressures ranging from 2 to 5 bar. It is suitable for abrasive products in which low transport speed prevents wear and tear in pipes, elbows and other items. This type of transport prevents dust leakage, it is flexible and adaptable to any route of transport, being fully automated. It eliminates breakage of the product by friction and disintegration of different density components.