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Stolz S.A.

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  • Turnkey Installations Services

    Turnkey Installations Services

    The effectiveness in the management of projects is a primary objective for Stolz, that's why we have professionals who manage, coordinate and control each project from its inception to its implementation. We carry out personalized works, adapted to the needs of each client, in charge of planning, design, technical direction, engineering, supervision and coordination of construction, control of execution of the works and their implementation, as well...

  • Engineering Service

    Engineering Service

    Our engineering team carries out the design and project management for the construction of complete plants or extensions and renovations. In addition, Stolz offers the following engineering services independently: Preparation of drafts, Consulting service, Calculation of silos and structures.

  • Mechanical Transport Services

    Mechanical Transport Services

    The mechanical transport includes all the equipment and devices needed to transport the product mechanically to different points of a plant.