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  • Cross Platform GIS Software

    Cross Platform GIS Software

    Since 2001, based on the standard C++ to reconstruct the GIS kernel, a set of native cross- platform GIS technology system which has high performance and supports multiple CPUs, operation system has been established.

  • SuperMap - Cloud Native GIS Software

    SuperMap - Cloud Native GIS Software

    Cloud native GIS includes cloud GIS, terminal GIS and cloud & terminal collaboration technology. Cloud GIS fully supports micro-service architecture, containerization technology, Cloud Native architecture, relying on SuperMap iServer, which is a high-performance cross- platform, on SuperMap iPortal, which can efficiently integrate and share services and on SuperMap iManager, which can do the intelligent operation and maintenance management to...

  • SuperMap - New Generation 3D GIS Software

    SuperMap - New Generation 3D GIS Software

    Integrates new IT technologies, such as WebGL, VR, AR, and 3D Printing, brings a more realistic and convenient 3D experience. Based on the framework of 2D & 3D integrated GIS technology, a 2D & 3D integrated data model is further developed, which combines oblique photogrammetry, BIM, laser point cloud and other heterogeneous data to promote the integration of outdoor and indoor, macro-micro-integration, space/surface/underground integration of...

  • Big Data GIS Software

    Big Data GIS Software

    The big data GIS system which includes the storage and management of spatial big data, spatial analysis, stream data processing and visualization technology, dedicates to provide a comprehensive support for big data GIS infrastructure software and services, thus to make more users easily manage spatial big data 'gold mine'. Meanwhile, traditional GIS is reconstructed based on IT big data technology, which supports the distributed storage, processing...