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  • Direct Drills

  • Taege - Uni Drills

    Taege - Uni Drills

    Simple no frills unit. Excellent value with great results. Gives excellent penetration in extremely hard conditions. Creates outstanding tilth, giving much higher strike rates. Contour following ensuring more seed is where you want it to be. Less rock and existing grass pull-out. Simple construction, less moving parts reduces down-time, repair and maintenance costs. Ability to drill around corners. Live tynes give better trash clearing.

  • Taege - Model M3 - Metering System

    Taege - Model M3 - Metering System

    Our universal base system, giving you the flexibility to use our M3 Metering system on all equipment. Non-pressurized metering system. Ability to broadcast seed, slug bait or custom usage. Gravity, electricair assist or full air seed dispersal options. 200l 400l hopper sizes available. Universal base giving the ability to fit not only Taege equipment but all other machinery.