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  • Pirotex Pyrolsis Plant

    Pirotex Pyrolsis Plant

    We would like to introduce our low-temperature pyrolysis equipment - Pirotex which is designed for recycling and utilization of scrap tires, mechanical rubber goods, plastics, oil sludge and waste oils. Pirotex pyrolysis plant is a highly ecological product. It produces nearly no emissions. The equipment is automated to the maximum that allows reducing human labor to elementary operations such as loading and unloading of crucible from the furnace. The...

  • KONSTANTA - line for carbon black production

    KONSTANTA - line for carbon black production

    The Konstanta line for processing of carbon is designed for production of marketable products from solid cardon-containing residue. The equipment is used for receiving and removing metal wiring from solid carbon-containing residue, which is the product of rubber-containing wastes pyrolysis; for its grinding, milling, mechanical activation and selection according to desired fraction of the final product. The line for carbon processing is recommended for...

  • Activated carbon - Activated carbon

    Activated carbon - Activated carbon

    Production and sale of activated carbons (active coals) based on coconut shell, nut shell, wood, hard coal, fruit pit, pyrolysis carbon for a wide application spectrum.

  • KVARK-500 - Furnace for carbon activation

    KVARK-500 - Furnace for carbon activation

    KVARK-500 drum furnace for gas-vapour activation of carbon-containing residue is able to process not only pyrolysis products, but carbonize products like brown coal, bituminous coal, anthracite, peat, wood, vegetation wastes (walnut, coconut and other shells, fruit tree pits, rice husk, etc.). As a result active coals of different sorption properties for different application fields are available, increasing the demand for these products and greatly...