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  • Internet Services & Data Networks

    Internet Services & Data Networks

    This service has been provided by the IT-Services group from 1994 until 2006. In 2007 responsibility for the webservice has been transfered to the executive staff of the institute. The IT-Services group still manages parts of the infrastructure, in particular the dedicated servers involved and the means required to host virtual domains. For details please refer to the Hosting section of the General Services folder.

  • Remote Filesystems Overview

    Remote Filesystems Overview

    This document gives a brief overview on how the central file system storage capacity available at the institute is currently organized and it explains in short use cases for each type of file system.Persistent on-line storage is organized at the institute by means of UNIX* type file systems on central servers (file servers). These file systems can be remotely accessed (mounted) by means of network file system (NFS) software which is available for...

  • Compute Service Overview

    Compute Service Overview

    The IT-Services Group operates a high performance cluster computer at the institute for scientific calculations (numerical simulation experiments). The current cluster has been ordered in 2008 and is in operation since spring 2009. The cluster is available to all members of scientific staff of the institute and as well to external scientists in the context of scientific co-operations. Registration is required in order to access the system.

  • Apprenticeship @ Data & Computation

    Apprenticeship @ Data & Computation

    From the biennial report of the Institute 2002-2003 written by Nina Schütz and Gregor Schmold who had done their proffessional training at that time.At PIK, you can have everything: if you enjoy being deep down below the surface of earth in caves, vaults and bunkers, you will feel fine at Data & Computation (D&C); if you prefer more open sky than just the view from the window, you can rise from the dark depths and ascend towards the...