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  • Recycling Plants

  • Tires - Steel Bead Heel Extraction Phase Plant

    Tires - Steel Bead Heel Extraction Phase Plant

    The steel bead hell extraction of the truck pneumatic is a fundamental phase, before of its entry in the automatized plant. The machine is principally constituted of two oil-dynamic pistons, which opposed do the extraction from the rim zone of two toroidal rings. These are composed of harmonic steel filaments with a thickness of 1.5/2.5 mm that make a bead with an apparent diameter of 20 mm. Upon the machine has been installed an equipment to avert...

  • Tires - Shredder Phase Plant

    Tires - Shredder Phase Plant

    Our plant owns two oil-dynamic rotors triturating for the automatic pre-working. The two machines are installed with a closed circuit through a screening system, from which comes a minimum size of 60x60 mm with a medium hour production of 2500 kg/h. On the machines are installed interchangeable blades and that you can sharpen of nickel material, thermally treated, which assures a long working period. The oil-dynamic working keeps in perfect conditions...

  • Tires - Granulating Phase Machine

    Tires - Granulating Phase Machine

    The machine has been built considering the smallest details and working criterions. Besides obtaining the patent on year 2000, it has an excellent reliability since several years, in our realized plants. The granulating phase is made by a mono-rotor granulator, having a selection grate into the cutting chamber. The most important characteristics are a grate working on 180º of the rotor and the double cutting system, which increase the...

  • Tires - Refining Phase Plant

    Tires - Refining Phase Plant

    In this phase, it is developed the work establishing the quality of the first finished product. Since years, monitoring the scenery of the granules, we have realized a textile cutting and separation system, which find the largest international market. The mechanic has been treated in the details assuring a long duration, today higher than 30.000 working hours. The machine is able to get mixed granules of truck and car, or single type with a diameter...

  • Tires - Pulverization Phase Plant

    Tires - Pulverization Phase Plant

    With the pulverization plant we wanted realized a product with accurate mechanical physics characteristics. The rubber pulverization is it a matter where it needs of real methodology, it is today the most efficient and most profitable phase, both under the productive side and the economic one. The productive side because it has studied and realized after more than “120.000 tons” of experience of production; the economic side because the...

  • Tires - Synthetic Carpet Disposal Plant

    Tires - Synthetic Carpet Disposal Plant

    Since the year 2001, got under way exponentially the using of artificial grass carpets for sports recreational structures. With the passing of the years, the industrial technologies for the building of carpets, have developed up to bring the sports sector to a radical change.

  • Tires - Model R4 - Waste Electrical and Electronic Disposal Plant

    Tires - Model R4 - Waste Electrical and Electronic Disposal Plant

    The consumer electronics is destined for its nature to dump: the generational turnover of the electronic devices become frequenter, the mobiles and computers life shorten, the electronic material to dispose increase in the volume and in the complexity. In particular, this is due to the wireless technologies introduction, that are autonomous energetically and increase the highly polluting volume also of the worn-out batteries.

  • Tires - Cleaning Plant for Steel Wire

    Tires - Cleaning Plant for Steel Wire

    Tyres recycling, for many, means to separate the parts of which they are composed. If from a point of view it can be read like that, of sure the quality control measure cannot be ignored, to make re-usable the several materials. Among the several separated material, we examine the harmonic steel extract from the tyre working. This is a process done with the aim to limit the blades wear of the principal machines, but it involves a ecological problem...

  • Ecological Material Production Plant

  • Tires - Coloring Plant for Rubber Granules

    Tires - Coloring Plant for Rubber Granules

    The use of recycled granule and powder has several application sectors. But in the last years, the consume of rubber recycled products has taken the upper hand in the employment for fields of synthetic grass. Since the year 2000, it has been undertaken more and more advanced innovations for the granules production, which make them to have perfect requirement, both granulometric and elastomeric.

  • Tires - Press Work Plant for Antishock Floor

    Tires - Press Work Plant for Antishock Floor

    Although the incentive to the building of used tyres recycling plants represents a very good business chance, the same is the possibility to can satisfy an ecological use of the recycled product. TIRES S.p.A. besides to innovate its recovery lines, studies and acts next to engineering studies for applications in the urban use, thanks to elastomeric property of the recycled rubber granules and powders.