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  • Mining Fans

    Mining Fans

    Fans by TLT-Turbo are characterized by innovation and the fulfilment of the most complex requirements in ventilation technology. Systems with a total volume flow of several thousand cubic metres per second with a pressure increase of up to 12,000 Pa are used nowadays.

  • Wind Tunnel Fans

    Wind Tunnel Fans

    Since the construction of the first large wind tunnel systems in the 1930s, we have enjoyed a good reputation as a competent and reliable partner for wind tunnel technology. Whereas until 2007 we delivered turnkey wind tunnels throughout the world, we now focus on the key component, the fan. In individual cases, we still plan and deliver small wind tunnels for universities/research institutes and blower systems for climate chambers.

  • Industrial Fans

    Industrial Fans

    The various challenges to be solved when transporting gaseous media, at all times call for a safe, reliable and economic solution.

  • Tunnels & Metro Fan

    Tunnels & Metro Fan

    For more than 50 years we have developed trend-setting, finetuned systems for street, metro and railway tunnels. Our future-oriented products have been designed and produced for this application environment.