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  • Technical Support Services

    Technical Support Services

    At Univar Solutions, we understand having the products you need are one piece of the equation to supporting your business effectively. That's why we've invested heavily in technical staff well versed in chemicals selection, formulation and market end use. We have the market expertise to understand your business and help you take advantage of growth opportunities. Whether you're looking for assistance evaluating product specifications or need to...

  • Custom Packaging and Private Label Services

    Custom Packaging and Private Label Services

    Univar Solutions offers a wide variety of options to blend, package, and custom label your products to your specifications. We repackage chemicals, lubricants, greases, and more into a variety of container sizes. With an in-house, ISO-certified laboratory, Univar Solutions incorporates detailed quality assurance and control measures at every step of our process to deliver quality products. In addition, we offer toll blending and container/label...

  • Lab and Formulation Services

    Lab and Formulation Services

    At Univar Solutions, we go beyond the loading dock, because we know your business requires deep technical support to optimize your raw materials and make your end products successful in the marketplace. As your trusted partner and adviser, we provide a broad range of chemical analysis and testing services, as well as formulation support and development to help you make the most of your products.

  • Telemetry Services

    Telemetry Services

    Automate your tank level inventory management: Univar Solutions' Remote Sentry tank telemetry system captures your inventory information around the clock, so you can always access up-to–the-minute data. Our telemetry system transmits volume level limits and reorder points to our secure, web-based server. By using your computer or mobile device, you can connect and view your data in real time and select from a variety of replenishment options. We...

  • Corporate Accounts Services

    Corporate Accounts Services

    Dedicated corporate account services that create solutions to optimize time and resources while minimizing risk. At Univar Solutions, we know that pairing experienced, dedicated people to a deep product base makes all the difference. That’s why our corporate account professionals work closely with select customers to service the most complex business processes—helping drive efficiency and profitability to get ahead of the competition.

  • ChemPoint Services

    ChemPoint Services

    NewDistribution that accelerates the business of chemistry: As a wholly owned subsidiary of Univar Solutions, ChemPoint is revolutionizing the way chemicals are distributed and sold by using technology to innovate and establishing genuine partnerships to drive meaningful growth. We believe success is achieved through true partnerships with suppliers and customers. That’s why our team works as an extension of your team. We can help you uncover...