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  • Waste Management Services

    Waste Management Services

    From segregation and collection to recycling and recovery, Wastewise provides an efficient, reliable and responsive total waste management solution to suit customer requirements.You’ve more important things to worry about than managing your waste. So leave it to the experts and let Wastewise design and deliver a flexible solution with a focus on recycling and cost reduction. Wastewise provides a complete service that’s tailored to the...

  • Waste Collection Services

    Waste Collection Services

    Wastewise offers a comprehensive waste collection service to maximise recycling rates and deliver significant cost savings whilst maintaining the highest levels of customer service at all times.With Wastewise you can be sure your waste will be taken care of legally, responsibly and with minimal disruption to your business. Our customers have access to an efficient, reliable and responsive service using the latest transport and treatment...

  • Recycling & Recovery Services

    Recycling & Recovery Services

    At Wastewise, we see waste as a valuable resource so we focus on reusing, recycling or recovering value from it rather than sending it to landfill.There are many reasons to consider recycling your waste. Legislation and taxation are often the major drivers but companies are now also required to improve their green credentials by customers further down their supply chain. Indeed, recycling and recovering value from waste not only protects the...

  • Skip Hire Service

    Skip Hire Service

    Wastewise provides a professional and reliable skip hire service for construction and demolition projects or sites producing large quantities of heavy and bulky waste including household clearances and renovations.Our skips come in three sizes - 8yd³, 12yd³ and 14yd³. The 8yd³ skip is suitable for heavier waste such as soil and construction waste, whereas the 12yd³ and 14yd³ skips are suitable for lighter and bulkier...

  • Dry Mixed Recycling Services

    Dry Mixed Recycling Services

    Dry mixed recycling (DMR) is a simple and innovative service that enables you to improve recycling performance and save money whilst ensuring minimal disruption to business.Whilst it may be convenient, many companies put all their rubbish into one bin which contaminates recyclable materials and resigns millions of tonnes of waste to landfill each year. Up to 90% of this waste could be recycled into new products at a fraction of the cost, both...

  • Food Waste Recycling Services

    Food Waste Recycling Services

    Wastewise has launched a new food waste recycling service to help customers beat the landfill tax escalator and prepare for a zero to landfill future.With landfill sites rapidly running out of space and 6.7 million tonnes (or a third) of food that we buy destined for the bin, disposing of food waste responsibly has become an environmental priority.