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  • Silo Weighing Products

  • Model 8011 - Monitoring Controller System

    Model 8011 - Monitoring Controller System

    The 8011 controller can monitor up to 10 separate silos. It displays the weight of feed in each silo and monitors the last delivery, total deliveries, last 24 hours feed usage, and total feed usage for each silo. Data can be printed, sent to a PC where the data can be stored, sorted, analysed or emailed.

  • Model 8016 - Total Feed Control System

    Model 8016 - Total Feed Control System

    The 8016 can be programmed to batch from 1-10 seperate batches of differing amounts. Using the key panel the actual time can be set together with amounts to be batched and at what time.

  • Potato Weighing

  • Model PW-2050 - Weighing System

    Model PW-2050 - Weighing System

    The Most Comprehensive Potato Weighing System on the Market.Weltech can offer a portable, simple to use, robust electronic weigher which calculates percentage dry matter and specific gravity. The PW-2050 weigher can be used in a laboratory or in the field, it is battery operated and will continue to work for up to 12 hours between recharge.

  • Monitoring Systems

  • Model Mk3 - Alarm System

    Model Mk3 - Alarm System

    The Mk3 alarm panel can monitor up to 12 separate locations, each location has a separate isolator key switch built into the panel along with an external/internal selector switch for the sounders, auto dial on/off and an alarm reset switch.

  • Model GSM - Land Line Monitoring System

    Model GSM - Land Line Monitoring System

    Should the land line ever fail Weltech can supply a GSM unit which will automatically contact our central station and send a code 8 (land line fail) and will continue to monitor the location to the central station as normal until the land line is restored. This gives complete peace of mind for any failure.