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Wertstoffaufbereitung GmbH Edersleben Services

  • Consulting Services

    Consulting Services

    Due to our expert knowledge we also can provide our customers the following services: organisation and professional consulting services for effective mass flow management. Preparation of waste management and waste removal concepts in consideration of both the European and country-specific waste policies. Collection and evaluation of current market information on all waste disposal and recovery issues, both in Germany and Europe. Preparation of market...

  • Range of Services

    We can offer to our customers the best possible benefit for all questions regarding waste. There are the following business segments offering by the WAE with its plants Edersleben and Stedten: Core business segments: Storage, handling and processing of household, commercial and industrial waste, carried out according to our waste code acceptance catalogue. handling and processing of RDF, covering a wide range of calorific values and qualities. thermal utilisation of RDF and recycled sorting res

  • Recycler Services

    Recycler Services

    Within the framework of the disposal of domestic, commercial and industrial waste we are able to provide high-quality input flows for your recycling and reutilisation plants. Biogenic waste for the generation of biogas (fermentation) and the production of quality compost. Plastic waste for recycling and oiling. Substitute fuels (RDF) of various qualities for use in the cement and lime industry and as an additive for the production of refuse derived...

  • Producer Services

    Producer Services

    We are your reliable partner for waste classification, the conceptual design of waste processing and disposal and for the practical implementation. On request we also can collect your waste at the place where it is generated and take it away for reutilisation or disposal. Certified as a special disposal company, we have access to a thermal combustion capacity of 120.000 t /a as an affiliated company of the Romonta Group.

  • Broker Services

    Broker Services

    We can give a support in setting up, organising and implementing a material flow management process and will be pleased to assist you in all technical matters. With our comprehensive waste catalogue we can also provide you with services as a contract manufacturer. You can send us your waste for processing and market it by yourself.

  • Disposal Services

    Disposal Services

    If you work in the field of transport, collection or container services we can offer you two production sites.

  • Innovation Services

    Innovation Services

    The most modern technology for best possible results; Since 2004 the WAE has the to date most modern processing plant for substitute fuels (RDF). A near infrared reflector (NIR) is being used for the selective separation of plastics. The result is a particularly thorough separation of the waste and thus a significant improvement in the recyclable proportion and in the quality of the. The plant at Edersleben has a capacity of 115,000 tonnes per year....