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  • Willexa - Single Tower Siloxane Reduction Systems

    Willexa - Single Tower Siloxane Reduction Systems

    For low flow applications such as single engine sites, this inexpensive, non-carbon based adsorption system operates continuously for up to four weeks between regenerations. So why replace your media when you can regenerate it? For sites without treatment, this system will eliminate siloxane related maintenance, loss of efficiency and downtime. For sites struggling with the high costs of carbon, this system can extend the life...

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    Each stage of the treatment process affects all the others, so why struggle with coordinating specifications between half a dozen different vendors when you can get everything you need in one integrated package? We offer complete and customized biogas treatment solutions including not just siloxane reduction and monitoring, but also filtration, carbon polishing, chilling, dehydration, H2S reduction, and thermal oxidation.

  • Willexa - Carbon Polishing System

    Willexa - Carbon Polishing System

    For critical applications such as upgrading, or engines or turbines with post combustion exhaust catalysts, a regenerative system followed by a carbon polisher offers two layers of protection. This arrangement is especially effective when coupled with a continuous siloxane monitor. Add a lead lag piping system (as shown) for maximum operational flexibility and media life.

  • Willexa - Thermal Oxidizers System

    Willexa - Thermal Oxidizers System

    The regeneration process presents a unique mix of off gases that typical flares are not designed to handle. In addition, seamless integration between the siloxane reduction system and the flare is a critical step to ensure smooth start up and worry free operation. Let us handle it for you.