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  • Safety Consulting

  • HESS: Health + Environment + Security = Safety

    HESS: Health + Environment + Security = Safety

    Xi Safety works with organizations to achieve only Best in Class Safety Standards in health and safety in the work place. Xi Safety™ Inc. takes an active role in managing the whole HESS aspect of a project. Xi Safety™ Inc. world class experienced consultancy teams are well established and offer many options to a multitude of industry sectors. As a company, Xi  possess the knowledge and experience necessary to help your project...

  • Environment, Health, & Safety

    Environment, Health, & Safety

    To raise the standard of loss prevention, Xi Safety can manage the environmental, health, and safety aspects of your project. We take a holistic approach to ensure your project and staff are safe in every respect. Our experienced professionals can create plans meet all to meet all environmental, health, and safety regulations. We surpass regulations by adhering to industry best practices, and to our own high standards.

  • Medic


    lXi Safety has joint ventured with a well known service provider and is able to provide specialized onsite medical support, designed specifically for your project needs. We employ industrial ambulances, registered nurses, and other medical professionals to help identify your company’s medial safety needs.

  • Fire Protection

    Fire Protection

    Xi Safety’s Fire Protection Division is the industry leader in developing alternative solutions to prescriptive code requirements, using engineering analysis methods based on defined fire safety goals and objectives.

  • On-Site Personnel

  • HESS Construction Managers

    HESS Construction Managers

    Health + Environment + Security = Safety (HESS). HESS Construction Managers from Xi Safety ensure the health and safety of your employees while leading your project to success. Our construction safety management specialists follow all health, environment, security, and safety regulations to make your construction site as safe as possible.

  • Medical Personnel

    Medical Personnel

    All personnel employed by Xi Safety  are registered by the Province of Alberta in their respective disciplines. We have joint ventured with a well known service provider of Emergency Medical Responders (EMR’s), Occupation First Aid Level III (OFA III), Primary Care Paramedic (PCP), Emergency Medical Technicians (EMT’s), Paramedics (EMT-P’s) to provide excellent service at fair prices within the marketplace.

  • Fire Protection Specialists

    Fire Protection Specialists

    Our Fire/Safety Specialist at Xi Safety hold Nation Construction Safety Officer/ Construction Safety Manager Accreditation and serves as an expert technical authority on fire prevention, fire protection and life safety issues for our major projects group. The Fire Protection Specialist provides expert advice and performs highly advanced complex reviews of plans and specifications for fire suppression, fire detection, life safety analysis and hazard...

  • Certified Project Security Officers

    Certified Project Security Officers

    Construction sites are often targeted for theft and vandalism. In addition, worker safety and minimization of site hazards are a top priority for construction projects.

  • QA/QC Inspectors

    QA/QC Inspectors

    In our modern economy, the quality of materials, services and products are important for the success of any project. Xi Safety helps our clients with their quality and inspection needs by adhering to highest possible standard excellence.

  • Environmental Technicians

    Environmental Technicians

    Xi Safety’s Environmental Technicians will work to prevent environmental problems, resolve environmental issues when they arise, and provide environmental education to your employees. Our technicians have several environmental certifications including EP/Ept or other CECAB designations. This means that our technicians are not only environmental experts, they also have unique understanding of the environmental issues surrounding your specific...

  • Permanent Safety Staff

    Permanent Safety Staff

    Xi Safety will supply experienced and dedicated safety professionals for your company’s projects.