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  • Zuptor - Grain Transport

  • Zuptor - Belt Conveyors

    Zuptor - Belt Conveyors

    Output up to 400 t/h. Belt width from 300 to 800mm. Horizontal transport of grain, max. length 60m. Covered or open version.

Products by PETKUS Technologie GmbH

  • Drying

  • Model DD - Continuous Flow Dryer

    Model DD - Continuous Flow Dryer

    PETKUS Continuous Flow Dryers Type DD are designed for drying grain, corn, oilseeds, and free flowing pellets such as clay minerals and straw pellets. Three models (1500, 2500, 4000) with capacities from 8 t/h to 70 t/h (based on wheat and 4% dehydration) are available. The 'DD'-series continuous flow dryers use direct heating from oil or gas surface burners. Product enters the top of the dryer column and flows to the discharge...

  • Conveying

  • Trough Belt Conveyor

    Trough Belt Conveyor

    The purpose of the PETKUS Trough Belt Conveyors is to transport homogeneous, free flowing bulky products, e.g. grain, pulses and oil seeds horizontally.