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  • Z Choice

    Z Choice

    No two sites have the same environmental risks. That’s why Z Choice® allows you to select only the coverages you need for your property or operation—whether it’s cleanup costs, bodily injury, business interruption, transportation, or more. And pay only for the coverages you’ve selected. The fully customizable features of Z Choice make it a great environmental coverage solution for chemical companies, metal works, waste treatment, rubber and plastics...

  • Z Link

    Z Link

    Think general liability coverage will protect your company and its products from pollution liability? You could experience an unpleasant surprise if a claim occurs. To address potential gaps, Z Link® makes it easy to integrate your commercial general and pollution liability on one tailored-to-fit policy. Every business must have commercial general liability insurance. Most also need environmental coverage but don't have it because they either don't...

  • Property and Casualty Products

    Property and Casualty Products

    Many environmentally-focused organizations that choose Zurich for pollution liability coverage also choose to integrate their property and casualty coverage with us. That’s because there are advantages to having one of our experienced environmental underwriters examine all of a company’s coverage needs. An integrated approach with Zurich can reduce the likelihood of coverage gaps, create better efficiencies, and provide a quicker response when a claim...

  • Industry Solutions

    Industry Solutions

    Zurich is more than just knowledgeable about insurance. We’re knowledgeable about entire industries.