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  • Executive Search Consulting Services

    Executive Search Consulting Services

    The benefits of a great hire, and the detriment of a bad one, make outsourcing your next search one of the most crucial decisions your firm will make. Unlike typical recruiting agencies that submit resumes indiscriminately, Zweig Group researches and networks intelligently to identify qualified candidates.   Zweig Group has the largest database of AEC firms and contacts in the industry. We know all of the companies, your competitors,...

  • Strategic Planning Consulting Services

    Strategic Planning Consulting Services

    Zweig Group can help you figure out where to take your firm, and exactly how to get there. Our consulting team works directly with company leadership, guiding the firm toward defining and achieving its important business objectives. We start with a detailed assessment of your firm gained from a thorough and proven process that gives you confidence we know you, your people and the market conditions that you are operating in. We compare your...

  • Mergers & Acquisitions Services

    Mergers & Acquisitions Services

    Zweig Group’s full scale Mergers & Acquisitions consulting team can assist in finding and evaluating M&A candidates and structuring the transaction – managing the complicated process from conception to the closing table. Zweig Group is the industry leader in finding deals and helping your firm grow or transition ownership through mergers and/or acquisitions. Nobody has the depth and breadth of relationships and knowledge of the...

  • Valuation Consulting Services

    Valuation Consulting Services

    The issues facing owners in a privately held architecture, engineering or environmental consulting firm have never been greater. Recognizing the effects of today’s environment on firm value requires industry expertise. Zweig Group’s valuation experts understand the industry and what drives value in your firm. What is a fair value for your stock? Will you be able to manage the retirement and redemption of a major shareholder? How can you...

  • Marketing and Business Development Consulting Services

    Marketing and Business Development Consulting Services

    Zweig Group can help your firm develop a winning marketing and business development strategy. We know this industry and know how to help you craft creative strategies for promotion, differentiation, and messaging that is critical for growth. Your company needs a strong and powerful brand to pull prospective clients and a steady stream of profitable projects toward the firm. Zweig Group works directly with leaders, managers, and marketing teams to...

  • Ownership Transition Consulting Services

    Ownership Transition Consulting Services

    This is a big deal. Many firms do not put adequate resources towards this critical element of business succession. Retiring and departing owners along with future owners/leaders all benefit greatly from a well-designed ownership transition plan. Zweig Group has helped hundreds of firms develop solid and actionable plans to effect smooth transitions that keep the business a thriving interest and protects departing and next generation owners. We have...