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ZX Lidars

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  • ZephIR Trusted Services

    ZephIR Trusted Services

    ZephIR Trusted Service Providers are listed below having worked closely with ZephIR Lidar to provide worldwide lidar services to local resource assessment projects. We are able to put you in touch with these companies who can provide services including: ZephIR installations, configuration, commissioning, relocations and home transportation. Wind data monitoring, analysis, and reporting. Other ZephIR lidar consulting services. Local field support as...

  • LiDAR Research Programme Services

    LiDAR Research Programme Services

    ZephIR was the first wind Lidar to be made readily accessible to Research Institutes and Industry alike, for use in their wind measurement campaigns. Its introduction marked the start of a new era in the way wind was measured remotely within the global wind energy and other industries. Since ZephIR’s introduction, the global research community has played a very important early role in defining/proving the applications and methodologies that...