The Produced Water Society (PWS)

The Produced Water Society (PWS)

30th Annual Produced Water Society Seminar 2020


The Produced Water Society is celebrating the 30th anniversary of its Annual Seminar. As the longest running technical conference fully dedicated to produced water, PWS couldn’t be prouder of the contributions its members have made to water operations in the industry, or more excited about the years ahead. To mark our 30th anniversary, the Annual Seminar will be bigger and more wide-reaching than ever. It will tackle the future of produced water management on a global scale, addressing produced water issues in diverse geologies including offshore, onshore, conventional and unconventional operations. Although each face their own unique challenges, a wide array of opportunities lie in finding common solutions, sharing experiences, and disseminating best practices.

Event Type:
Feb. 11-13, 2020
Westin Houston Memorial City
Houston , TX , USA

This year’s Seminar will take the collaboration synonymous with Produced Water Society meetings to the next level, diversifying the challenges tackled by the program and bringing new solutions to the fore that have the potential to reshape the future of produced water management globally.

The Produced Water Society is a collection of oil and gas professionals with the common mission to improve the management and disposition of produced water. Through the discussion of best practices and the presentation of advanced solutions to dynamic obstacles, PWS fosters an environment where water professionals learn from one another in an open setting and where the entire industry thrives as a result.

The 30th Produced Water Society Seminar will be held February 11-13 2020 in Houston, Texas, welcoming 400 produced water professionals for two days of focused technical discussion and networking. The Seminar features breakthrough technical presentations, panel discussions featuring operators and service providers, round tables sessions, and three tracks—covering conventional onshore and offshore production issues, the booming activity in shale plays across the US, and issues across other geologies across the globe. The Seminar gathers innovations from solutions providers, insights and forecasts from operating companies to create an environment focused on improving the future of the industry through better water management.

What to include in your abstract
Abstracts should be 200-600 words long and not be commercial or mention trade names. The abstract should explain the problem or obstacle; the novel solution, technology or process proposed to address the problem; and how the solution did or did not solve the problem. Abstracts and presentations that are data-rich will be scored much higher by the technical committee.

Topics can include a wide range of areas as they relate to oilfield water, wastewater, and unconventional/shale plays.

The technical committee will review all the submitted material, rank abstracts on quality, data, and relevance, among other qualifications, and determine which presentations will be on the agenda for the 2020 Seminar.

Some Suggested Topics Include:

  • Automation
  • Beneficial Use & Sustainability
  • Best Practice
  • Big Data
  • Biological Control
  • Chemical Treatment
  • Deep Water
  • EOR
  • Finance
  • Health, Safety, & Environment (HSE), including Regulation/Policy
  • Heavy Oil
  • Membranes
  • Monitoring
  • Offshore
  • Physical Treatment
  • Produced Water Reinjection (PWRI)
  • Research & Development
  • Reuse/Recycling
  • Strategy
  • Water Flood
  • Water Management
  • Well Maintenance
  • Deepwater
  • Shallow Water Offshore
  • Conventional onshore
  • Conventional near-shore
  • Unconventional
  • Heavy oil
  • Chemical EOR
  • Coal Seam Gas (Coal Bed methane)

The Produced Water Society Seminar brings together 400 water-focused oil and gas professionals and our agenda maximizes time to network with other delegates, exchange ideas and make new contacts. The One-2-One networking service is your tool to focus your attention on the most important people for your business.

We use a sophisticated meeting service for you to seamlessly arrange your One-2-One meetings. Once you register for the Produced Water Society Seminar, we will initialize your profile and send you a link to finalize it on the third-party website where you can see other registered delegates, optimize your profile, and arrange meetings.

One-2-One Process

  • Create a profile
    When you register for the Produced Water Society Seminar, we will send you a link to your profile page on our One-2-One networking service, where you will be able to fill in your details.
  • Send out meeting requests
    Once you finalize your profile, you will be able to browse the full delegates list, search for the people you would like to meet and send out meeting requests. Be sure to reply to any outstanding meeting requests you receive as soon as possible as table numbers are limited!
  • Arrange to meet
    The person receiving a meeting request will be able to pick the time to meet that is suitable for both parties.
  • Fill your networking schedule
    We have made sure that you have enough time for networking during the Seminar. Use the One-2-One system to ensure your schedule is full and you get the most out of your conference experience.

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