7th Annual Waste Management Middle East Forum


The event shall extend a platform for studying and updating the regional waste and environment professionals on various new technologies and system specifications adopted and help seek to find economically feasible and sustainable solutions for the environment sector. Over a span of 2 days, 7th Annual Waste Management Middle East Forum will bring together the region`s distinguished waste and environment professionals to discuss the current issues being faced and evaluate the strategies & solutions to overcome these.

Event Type:
Oct. 10-11, 2016
Dubai , UAE

  • Development of Waste to Energy plants
  • Strategies used for industrial waste reduction and waste resource recovery and utilization
  • Economy, modernity and simplicity in Municipal Solid Waste collection
  • Municipal Solid Waste Treatment & Disposal Project
  • Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD)/ Treated Water Recycling
  • Pre-collection at source for solid waste management

  • Finding Local Solutions for your toxic and Hazardous waste
  • How waste can become a new business opportunity
  • Realizing the significance of Zero Landfills
  • Strategies for handling chemical waste

On the basis of the feedback received from the past delegates and the Major industries from the region, the agenda will focus on Toxic and hazardous waste. You will get an opportunity to learn about waste policy, regulation, feedstock supply, project finance, commercial models and advanced waste-to-energy technologies. The forum participants will include:

  • Government Bodies (Ministries and Municipal Bodies)
  • Oil & Gas Exploration and drilling Companies
  • Petrochemical Companies
  • Refining Companies
  • Cement manufacturing and processing companies
  • Steel processing and Manufacturing Companies
  • Plastics manufacturing and processing
  • Electrical Appliances
  • Construction Companies
  • Hospitals
  • FMCG companies

  • Sli.do - interactive polling and Q&A application
  • Round table discussion on risk management of hazardous waste risk assessment
  • Key decision makers' discussion on making source segregation a norm
  • Breakout session: Can Zero Landfill ever be achieved
  • Special session on environment policy planing

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