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Ambiente Lavoro 2016


Only exhibition in Italy dedicated to health and well-being in the workplace, has been a must-attend appointment for all the operators in the sector for over 20 years. Ambiente Lavoro believes in training as the way to root the culture of safety, and to strength as a result the economic fabric of the Country. Among the main themes of 2016 also environmental safety, road safety and occupational wellness. 14.637 visitors. 169 direct exhibitors, 421 products and services. 232 workshops, conferences and seminars, 696 hours of training, 43 involved partner among institutions and associations.

Event Type:
Trade Show/Exhibition
Oct. 19-21, 2016
Bologna , Italy


  • Fire Prevention: Smoke and fire alarms
  • Fire extinguishing equipment and substances
  • Extinguishing
  • Evacuation of fumes and gases
  • Fire and explosion protection
  • Electrical safety: Insulated tools
  • Safety components
  • Measuring and gauging instruments
  • Protection of machines and parts: Diagnostic equipment
  • Barriers, demarcation, zones
  • Nonmaterial barriers
  • Screens
  • Lifting and moving: Lifting equipment
  • Loading and unloading equipment,devices, plant
  • Robotics, automation
  • Loading safety
  • Transport of dangerous substances
  • Corrosive fluids and those under pressure: Protective materials
  • Components safety
  • Warning systems
  • Emergency: Meeting point and devices
  • Rescue equipment
  • Emergency showers
  • Life jackets
  • Eye rinsing and irrigation
  • Other safety devices: Non-Skid
  • Collapse-proof
  • Sound and light signaling devices
  • Equipment and components for air pollution control
  • Safety containers
  • Safety containers, cupboards and cubicles
  • Working platforms
  • Bridges and stairs
  • Safety doors
  • Height guards, fall protection
  • Safety signposting
  • Electric and compressed air manual tools
  • Safety glass


  • Occupational medicine: Medical Equipment and for the exercise of the profession
  • Equipment for testing hearing, breathing, sight
  • Acoustics and vibrations: Vibration dampers
  • Sound-proof walls and panels
  • Source and propagation prevention
  • Noise reduction
  • Acoustics and vibrations detection, analysis, health surveillance
  • Physical risks (asbestos, Ionizing and other radiations, electromagnetic fields): Alarms for radioactivity
  • Measuring equipment for radiation
  • Source and propagation prevention
  • Disposal of radioactive wastes
  • Chemical risks (gases, vapors, fogs, fumes, dusts): Measuring equipment •Air purifiers • Filters • Dust control and detection systems • Gas detectors, alarms for explosive atmosphere
  • Biological risks: Source prevention • Detection, analysis, health surveillance
  • Cleaning and disinfection: Hygiene fixtures and fittings • Barrier creams • Cleaning agents and disinfectants


  • Body: Heat and fire-resistant, acid-resistant, radiation-proof clothing
  • Diving suits
  • Anchoring devices to prevent falling down
  • Leather and steel aprons
  • Work suits
  • High-frequency protection suits
  • Protective garments made of rubber
  • Fabrics for protective wear and workwear.
  • Head – face – eyes: Helmets
  • Safety glasses
  • Masks • Masks for welding • Fencing masks • Hearing protection.
  • Respiratory tract protection: Natural latex gloves • Antacid gloves • Anti cut gloves • Disposable gloves.
  • Legs and feet protection: Antiacid, antislip, antistatic, safety, thermic shoes • Leg protection.
  • Breathing protection, breathing apparatus, respirators: Breathing equipment • Disinfestation helmets • Filters and accessories • Antigas masks • Breathing apparatus.


  • Comfort of the workplace
  • Ergonomics of the workplace
  • Lighting techniques
  • Heating, air conditioning, ventilation.


  • Insurance
  • Material certification
  • Consulting
  • Planning
  • Maintenance services and safety.


  • Cultural and scientific associations
  • Publishing and information
  • Lawmakers
  • Public offices
  • Training
  • Union and labor

Safe Environment
Technologies and solutions to safeguard the environment involved in production activities

  • Analysis and control of environmental risks
  • Recovery of water and contaminated sites
  • Post processing water treatment post processing and reuse
  • Air purification
  • Environmental protection from noise, dust, fumes and gas-vapour
  • Disposal and recycling of industrial waste

Safe Road
Products and services for road safety

  • Safety and road barriers
  • Satellite monitoring
  • Equipment, devices and accessories for the transport of dangerous goods
  • Breathalysers
  • ITS (Intelligent Traffic System)
  • Radio frequency identification
  • Management and rental services of corporate fleet
  • Safe driving schools
  • Warning and signal systems
  • GPS navigation systems and digital maps

Safe Construction Site
Technologies, products and services for the construction industry

  • Personal protective equipment
  • Source protection devices
  • Equipment and work tools
  • Life lines and fall protection
  • Lifting and transport equipment
  • Signage
  • Protection systems for occupational diseases
  • Software for the management of safety

No Fire
Products and services for fire protection

  • Alarms and fire protection products
  • Partitioning
  • Extinguishment
  • Evacuations of fumes and gases
  • Organization of the fire protection
  • Fire prevention
  • Protection from explosion
  • Protective clothing
  • Breathing equipment

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