Asia Food Waste Treatment Congress 2019

Convert Food Waste to Energy ,Towards Zero Waste Eco Urban Area
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Jun. 26, 2019
The St. Regis Shenzhen Hotel
Shenzhen , China

Learn the best practice of global food waste management and treatment
Hear the freshest ideas to tackle food waste and national trends across Asia
Strategize to advance policies and actions forward in Asia,city manager's dialogue
Brought practitioners together with policy makers and entrepreneurs
Presented successful projects and several interactive networking sessions
Assess new technologies in recycling,sorting and treatment
Benefit from technical expertise insight from some of the industry’s leading
technology providers
Gain latest information on sustainable food waste management policies across the
Asian countries
Harness the food waste business opportunity in the B&R strategy countries
Learn what investors need to make a project bankable
Debate challenge and high-impact opportunities with investors,funders and advisors
Share resources and best practices to address food waste now
Food waste treatment alternatives, from windrow composting to anaerobic digestion;
The use of outputs from the various treatment processes and how to best valorise them
Network and do business with the leading food waste treatment projects owners in the region
Discover new commercial opportunities in 2020 and beyond
Position your company at the forefront of the emerging food waste industry in Asia

Local authorities
Housing and urban and rural
development department
Housing and urban rural
development bureau
Municipal commission of housing and urban
rural development
City appearance environment sanitation
management administration
Environmental protection agency
Urban management administrative
enforcement bureau
City appearance and environmental
sanitation management office
Public utility bureau
Environment monitoring center
Food and drink manufacturer
Catering enterprises
Food waste recycling
transportation operators
Food waste management operators
Sanitation engineering design firms
Related contractors
Food waste treatment technology providers
Food waste treatment equipment providers
Investment bank
Venture capital,Private equity
Consulting company
Law firm

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