Asia Sewage Sludge Treatment Congress 2019

Convert Sewage Sludge to Resource,Towards Zero Waste Eco Urban Area
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Jun. 27, 2019
The St. Regis Shenzhen Hotel
Shenzhen , China

Assess the impacts of regulation and competition on sludge management
How to improve the policy concerning the sludge treatment and cultivate the market
How to establish technical standard system for sludge disposal,guarantee&encourage
Enhancing resources management and diminishing waste through reduce,reuse and recycle
Get to know best-practice examples of renowned industry companies
Listen to presentations on experiences with various sewage sludge treatment methods
Learn more about news in the recovery of phosphorus and other resources from sludge
Address opportunities for generating more renewable energy from sludge
Harnessing the environmental and economic benefits of incineration and other alternative disposal
Improving sludge management by turning waste into useful resources and energy
Political developments and the current China and Asian country legislation
Innovative R&D more efficient,advanced and greener sewage sludge treatment technology suitable for
national sludge conditions
Exploring cutting-edge sludge treatment technologies to lessen biosolids produced
How to design a sustainable sludge treatment project
Sludge management project operational excellence
Network and do business with the leading sludge treatment projects owners in the region
Discover new commercial opportunities in 2020 and beyond
Position your company at the forefront of the emerging sludge treatment industry in China and Asia

Local authorities
Housing and urban and rural development
Housing and urban rural development bureau
Municipal commission of housing and urban rural
Urban management administrative enforcement
Department of water resources
City water authority,water affairs bureau,agency
Environmental protection agency
Sewerage management division
Public utility bureau
Municipal sewerage company
Wastewater treatment company
Sludge treatment design company
Sludge treatment engineering company
Sludge treatment technology and equipment
Sewerage Association
Investment bank
Venture capital,Private equity
Consulting company
Law firm

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