BWMTech North America 2017

Clarify regulations. Plan BWMS integration. Prevent operational failure. Join 140+ ballast water industry professionals to untangle the international ballast regulation web, discuss successful system installations and create resilient ballast water treatment strategies at the premier industry conference.
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Sep. 26-28, 2017
Trump International Beach Resort
Miami , FL , USA

Regulatory Breakdown
MEPC71 takeaways, USCG type approval developments, G8 updates, AMS insights & more.

Testing & Limitations
Vendor claims against IL test plans, determining limitations and outlining unintended consequences.

Putting Compliance Into Action
Practicing international regulations with enforcement standards and complying in any global location ships operate.

New Ballast Technologies
Latest BWMS designs, alternative treatment concepts and how to apply new technologies to older vessels.

Operating Systems Problem-Free
Outlining different operational methods between BWMS types, avoiding limiting conditions and highlighting safety issues.

Troubleshooting & Contingency Planning
What's happens when a BWMS fails? Who's responsible? What back up plans do you need to have in place?

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