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Eastern Analytical Symposium and Exposition (EAS) 2018


The Eastern Analytical Symposium and Exposition (EAS) is held each year to provide professional scientists and students continuing education in the analytical and allied sciences through the presentation of symposia of papers, workshops, and short courses. An exposition of apparatus and supplies allied to these sciences is held concurrently with the symposia. EAS 2018 will be held November 12-14, 2018 at the Crowne Plaza Princeton-Conference Center, Plainsboro, New Jersey.

Event Type:
Trade Show/Exhibition
Dec. 12-14, 2018
Crowne Plaza Princeton-Conference Center
Plainsboro , NJ , USA

The 130+ exhibitors at EAS provide the scientist with a convenient single location to find out about new equipment, services, and technologies. Meeting and discussing a vendor’s product can make all the difference in your abilities to solve problems in the laboratory. EAS consistently provides high booth/table top traffic and the high quality leads. Participation by vendors in all aspects of EAS – booths, papers, short courses, and workshops – benefits not only the conferees, but the exhibitors as well. Exhibitors and attendees recognize that good science = quality leads = the best possible Exposition. Don’t forget to participate in all aspects of the Exposition!

For over 50 years, the Technical Program of EAS has provided cutting-edge information for the analyst with research presentations on practical solutions to problems and discussions of novel technologies. The symposium now typically contains over 450 papers on a wide variety of subjects, from pharmaceutical analysis to art conservation, analytical chemistry education, food analysis, chemometrics, sample preparation, process analysis, forensic analysis, surface analysis, validation, and regulatory topics. The program emphasizes the practical use of a wide swath of technologies (e.g., CE, GC, LC, near-IR, mid-IR, Raman spectroscopy, NMR, mass spectrometry, spectroscopy, microscopy, and sensors) in solving real-life problems faced by scientists in their daily work. Check back in mid-June for the on-line program.

2018 Short Courses will be offered from Sunday, November 11 through Wednesday, November 14, 2018 from 8:30am – 5:00pm at our new location – the Crowne Plaza Princeton – Conference Center in Plainsboro, NJ.  

EAS short courses are designed to help the practicing analyst develop new skills and enhance knowledge. Taught by experts, the short courses emphasize practical knowledge of a variety of important topics to help one keep current with best practices and new techniques. Whether you want to learn of a new analytical technology, understand new regulations, explore a new analytical field, or just brush up a new concept in your area of expertise, there is a course for you.

EAS’s one-day and two-day short courses emphasize:  

  • A wide range of topics
  • Interactive discussions
  • Case studies for illustration
  • Practical and problem solving tips

Located in the heart of the greater Northeast, EAS short courses are a convenient way to gain knowledge in the comfortable setting of a major conference at a reasonable price. Registration for the meeting is required. 

Pricing for 2018 Short Courses:
Registration rates prior to Oct. 15th are $575 for a one-day course and $850 for a two-day course.  note:  pricing for courses is in addition to the Full Conferee registration.

Registration rates after Oct. 15th are $525 for a half-day course, $775 for a one-day course and $1,175 for a two-day course; note:  pricing for courses is in addition to the Full Conferee registration fee.

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