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Eco Expo Asia 2016


Eco Expo Asia is a premier trade platform in Asia dedicated to global green innovations covering the entire environmental technology spectrum. The fair specialises in the business-to-government (B2G) and business-to-business (B2B) sectors, and provides exhibitors direct access to the Chinese mainland and other emerging Asian markets. The 2015 event featured 320 exhibitors and welcomed 12,385 trade visitors from 97 countries/regions, including over 398 government officials.

Event Type:
Trade Show/Exhibition
Oct. 26-29, 2016
Hong Kong , China

Admission : Trade Day (26-28 October 2016): Free admission to trade visitors aged 18 or above only, trade visitors must wear their admission badge during the fair. (All exhibits are for display only and not for sale)
Public Day (29 October 2016): Free admission to all visitors (Part of exhibits will be for sale)

Organisers : Hong Kong Trade Development Council, Messe Frankfurt (HK) Ltd.
Co-organiser : Environment Bureau, The Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region

Supporting Organisations :

  • Austrian Trade Commission
  • BEAM Society Limited
  • Business Environment Council
  • Construction Industry Council
  • Consulate General of Canada
  • Consulate General of Sweden
  • Consulate General of the Czech Republic
  • Consulate-General of the Kingdom of the Netherlands
  • Environmental Contractors Management Association
  • Environmental Protection Department, HKSAR
  • Federation of Hong Kong Industries
  • French Chamber of Commerce & Industry in Hong Kong
  • Green Council Limited
  • Guangdong Association of Environmental Protection Industry
  • The Hong Kong Electronic Industries Association
  • Hong Kong Electro-plating Merchants Association
  • Hong Kong Energy Conservation Association (HKEnCA)
  • Hong Kong Environmental Industry Association
  • Hong Kong General Association of Re-cycling Business
  • Hong Kong General Chamber of Commerce
  • Hong Kong Green Building Council
  • Hong Kong Indoor Air Quality Association
  • Hong Kong Printed Circuit Association
  • Hong Kong Productivity Council
  • Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation
  • Hong Kong Surface Finishing Society
  • Professional Green Building Council
  • Shenzhen Association of Environmental Industry
  • The Chinese General Chamber of Commerce
  • The Chinese Manufacturers' Association of Hong Kong
  • The Hong Kong Association of Energy Service Companies Limited
  • The Hong Kong Association of Property Management Companies Limited
  • The Hong Kong Electronic Industries Association
  • The Hong Kong Green Manufacturing Alliance
  • The Hong Kong Institute of Architects
  • The Hong Kong Institution of Engineers
  • The Hong Kong Institute of Landscape Architects
  • The Hong Kong Institute of Surveyors
  • UK Trade & Investment
  • U.S. Commercial Service

Major Exhibit Categories :
Air Quality

  •  Air filtration system
  •  Air pollution & gas emission control
  •  Air purification & deodorisation technology and equipment
  •  Gas, smoke & chemical monitoring and treatment equipment
  •  Desulphurisation & dust control technology and equipment

Energy Efficiency & Energy

  •  Energy saving devices and products
  •  Renewable & alternative energy products
  •  Alternative energy machinery and technology
  •  Eco-friendly vehicles
  •  New energy materials

Waste Management & Recycling

  •  Solid waste recycling technology and equipment
  •  Solid waste treatment, incineration & recycling systems
  •  Transport, collection & sorting of waste
  •  Biological treatment equipment
  •  Oil recycling technology and equipment
  •  Waste electrical and electronic equipment treatment and recycling systems

Eco-friendly Product

  •  Bio-degradable plastic products
  •  Recycled paper products
  •  Recycled plastic products
  •  Bio-degradable & recycled products and packaging
  •  Bio-degradable & eco-friendly raw materials
  •  Organic products
  •  Nano technology and materials

Environmental Project Solution & Service

  •  Beach, coastal, harbour & marine protection
  •  Forest regeneration & environment conservation
  •  Environmental project equipment and services
  •  Landfill containment
  •  Slope & ground management and protection
  •  Soil erosion control
  •  Research & consultation

Water Quality

  •  Water desalination & purification technology and equipment
  •  Sewage systems and treatment
  •  Water treatment and distribution
  •  Sewage maintenance
  •  Wastewater recycling technology and equipment

Control, Measuring and Laboratory Technology

  •  Quality inspection and testing services
  •  Environmental electronic surveillance, monitoring and management systems
  •  Sound & noise control products and services
  •  Environmental information & data processing
  •  Laboratory equipment & supplies

Environmental Protection Service & Research

  •  Environmental-related education & training
  •  Environmental-related media & publications
  •  Green financing
  •  Sustainability consultancy

Green Building Solution & Service

  •  Energy efficient devices and systems
  •  Indoor air quality technology and systems
  •  Water saving devices and products
  •  Eco-friendly landscape designs
  •  Architectural & design services
  •  Green roof systems and green walls
  •  Eco-friendly materials for construction and fitting

Target Buyers :

  •  Government policy makers, urban planners and related NGOs
  •  Manufacturers, designers, engineers looking for eco-friendly solutions to their production process and products
  •  Chain stores, retailers, courier companies looking for eco-friendly packaging materials
  •  Land developers looking for ecological landscape and construction designs
  •  Consulting Engineers, Architects and Surveyors
  •  Cleaning companies and management companies
  •  Corporate Executives

Asia: Key driver of green growth
With the commitment to the C0P21 climate pact, countries across the globe are setting forth ambitious emission targets in their development agendas. Governments worldwide, particularly in Asia, are also initiating various measures towards attracting greater investments in sustainable buildings, contributing to the enormous growth of the market. It is expected that the global revenue for the market will increase from USD 307 billion in 2014 to nearly USD 623 billion by 2023.

Chinese mainland to move forward with green energy development
Under the 13,h Five-Year Plan, the Chinese mainland has pledged to drastically reduce CO? emissions and increase the use of non-fossil energies to 15% of the total energy mix by 2020. Coupled with greater economic integration spurred by the 'Belt and Road' initiative, the cumulative investment in non-fossil fuels and low-carbon technologies in the country is forecasted to exceed USD 6.26 trillion by 2030.

Hong Kong determined to meet waste management goals
In addition to a series of actions targeted at drastically cutting food waste and municipal solid waste levels, the Hong Kong government has recently dedicated a recycling fund worth USD 129 million towards stimulating the city's recycling industry. Furthermore, over USD 2.46 billion will be allocated to the development of the Integrated Waste Management Facilities Phase 1 and a further USD 70 million to building a waste electrical and electronic equipment recycling facility.

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