Ecomondo 2017


The technology platform for the Green and Circular Economy in the Euro-Mediterranean area. The ideal place to meet Green and Circular Economy operators, strike new business deals, generate value and acquire new customers. The largest showcase in the Euro-Mediterranean area for advanced and sustainable technology for processing and recycling all kinds of waste; treating and reclaiming water, waste water and polluted marine sites; efficient use and transformation of raw and processed materials and the promotion of renewable raw materials. The place where businesses can meet competitors in complementary markets and leading players in public research in Europe and the Mediterranean area to establish national and international partnerships in the implementation of a knowledge-based Green and Circular Economy. The right place to find out exactly how to access national and European funds.

Event Type:
Trade Show/Exhibition
Nov. 7-10, 2017
Rimini Expo Centre
Rimini , Italy

Ecomondo guides companies in pursuing the objectives determined by the Seventh General European Action Programme:

  • Achieve 70% recycling of paper, plastic, metal and glass present in SUW by 2030
  • Achieve 80% total recycling of packaging between 2025 and 2030
  • Achieve 5% total landfill by 2030
  • Prohibit heat treatment of recyclable material
  • Separate landfill from the various methods of recycling inert materials

A new exhibition area will host conventions and workshops as well as presenting opportunities for financing European industrial innovation in the arena of the green economy.

Included in the convention topics are:

  • European instruments and strategies supporting eco-innovation
  • Instruments for evaluating the sustainability of products/processes: Environmental and Social LCA, Life Cycle Costing, Environmental Footprint, Carbon & Water Footprint, Emergy, MFA, multi-criteria analysis
  • The Recycling Industry: Technologies and methods for the recovery of raw materials from complex hi-tech type end-of-life products
  • Product Eco-innovation
  • Stakeholder event of BIOCLEAN FP7 project: New biotechnological approaches for biodegrading and promoting the environmental biotransformation of synthetic polymeric materials
  • Industrial symbiosis
  • The role of organised logistics in the policies of sustainable production and consumption. The initiatives in Europe

This is the most important Italian trade fair dedicated to sustainable mobility, and showcases the mobility sector at the centre of the Green Economy thanks to its integration into the major Ecomondo exhibition platform in Rimini.

'H2R - Mobility for sustainability 2014' offers new opportunities for economic development in the mobility sector thanks to the encounter of its exhibitors with the world of Green Business. The exhibition and launch of motor vehicle technologies with a reduced environmental impact and increased technological content also allows those who are not directly involved in the mobility sector to get to know and experience hands on the results and possibilities of motor vehicle research on the theme of sustainability of development. Following the eleven previous successful editions of 'H2Roma energy&mobility' which took place in the capital, the new trade fair 'H2R - Mobility for sustainability' obtained, in its first edition of 2013, unparalleled results in terms of the public, press, experts and operators from the Green Economy in the car sector and that of sustainable mobility.

'H2R - Mobility for sustainability 2014' is promoted by the CNR - Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche - Istituto di tecnologie avanzate per l´energia (National Research Council - Institute of advanced technologies for energy), by the ENEA - Agenzia Nazionale per le Nuove tecnologie, l´Energia e lo sviluppo economico sostenibile (National Agency for New technologies, Energy and Sustainable economic development), and by the CIRPS - Centro Interuniversitario per lo Sviluppo sostenibile della Sapienza Università di Roma (Rome University Inter-university Centre for the sustainable Development of Knowledge). Thanks to the unique relationship between the worlds of Research, Industry and the Institutions and thanks to the scientific rigour which marks its contents, the exhibition is able to anticipate the trends and technologies which are coming to market as well as the most advanced solutions to improve the environmental, social and economic sustainability of the mobility system.

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