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Ecomondo - 2018


Ecomondo is the leading Euro-Mediterranean area green and circular economy expo. An international event with an innovative format that brings together all sectors of the circular economy in a single platform: from material and energy recovery to sustainable development.

Event Type:
Trade Show/Exhibition
Nov. 6-9, 2018
Rimini Expo Centre
Rimini , Italy

Italy is among the leading countries in Europe in the green and circular economy, in particular in energy efficiency, waste recycling and resource productivity. For this reason, Ecomondo is a reference point in the international panorama, where all the leading companies of the sector can meet and discover the trends, innovations and new technologies and exchange views with sector professionals.

Ecomondo 2018 will present the national, European and International scene with new legislative priorities, in regard to research and innovation, training on Circular Economy together with the latest processes/plants 4.0, demonstrating the end products given by their implementation at the industrial level on cities and territories. With the collaboration of  industrial associations, ministries and other institutions, research bodies, the European Commission, OCSE, etc, Ecomondo 2018 will present the newest updates, necessities, challenges and opportunities regarding  the reuse and valorisation of organic and no-organic waste ( including sewage), the alternative raw materials and the industrial eco-design, the reclamation and rehabilitation of contaminated areas (also marine) and the bio-economy.


Running at the same time as Ecomondo is Key Energy, the expo of “energy for the climate”, energy-efficiency solutions and applications and renewable energy.

Since 2009, Ecomondo has also offered an ideal model of the Città Sostenibile (Sustainable City), in an exhibition space demonstrating models of urbanisation, technological solutions, projects, and mobility schemes that permit improvements in the population’s quality of life and promote sustainable territorial development.


The Circular Economy could help us to pro-actively tackle the crisis caused by a linear economic system, which often appears to be inefficient and expensive, with the aim to separate the economic growth from the exploitment of natural resources.

According to the European Commission, measures such as better planning of materials, products and industrial processes (eco-design) together with prevention and waste recycling could generate by 2030, an outstanding result:

  • a cut of 30%  on the usage of raw materials,
  • a reduction of 50% on the total emissions  of gas causing the Greenhouse effect,
  • a GDP growth of 5% and the creation of over 1 million new employment positions.

Enabling technologies that are pushing the fourth Industrial revolution could promote the distribution of Circular Economy models and the development of sharing platforms for goods, services and energy efficency. However, in order to successfully promote the transition from a linear to a cirular economic model, we will need ambitious policies, research and innovation and a clear legislative framework, able to give the right signals to investors. Moreover, many businesses still miss the awareness, the knowledge and expertise to be able to implement Circular Economy.

(+2% compared to 2015)

Foreign Buyers


Business Meeting Organised Between Supply And Demand

MQ Display Area

Million Media Contacts

Visitor Profile

  • 45% decision maker ( owner, general manager, purchasing manager)
  • 24% Sales and marketing operators
  • 12% Specialist technician
  • 12% Consultant

Geographic Areas

  • 57% Europe EU
  • 20% Europe Non-EU
  • 5% Asia And Oceania
  • 5% Africa
  • 8% Central And South America
  • 4% Middle East
  • 1% North America

Main Activity

  • 41% Services
  • 34% Industry And Distribution
  • 5% Construction
  • 6% Public Sector
  • 5% Research And Training
  • 4% Associations, Institutions, Specialist Media
  • 3% Utilities Companies
  • 2% Agriculture

The national biomethane technological Platform

Ecomondo and Key Energy have always encouraged interaction between producers, industrial concerns, associations and researchers, spreading awareness of the strategic value of anaerobic digestion such as “Biogas Refinery”, which has become one of the main drivers of the event.

A reference destination for all sector operators, with their synergies and technological excellence, and for the decision-makers in energy transition and decarbonisation within the Italian production system,

Ecomondo has supported and launched, on 9 November last year, the First national Biomethane Platform. The aim of the platform, guided by the CIB and CIC (Italian Biogas Consortium & Italian Composting and Biogas Association), is to strengthen the strategic alliance with the natural gas industry, taking biomethane as the point of transition between renewable and traditional energy.

Targets involved:

  • Producers (Agriculture: CIB - CONFAGRI [General Confederation of Italian Agriculture], OFMSW, CIC, UTILITALIA [Italian Utilities Federation])
  • Industry (FCA, CNH, LANDI, BRC)
  • Distribution (SNAM; ANIGAS [Italian Gas Industry Association])
  • Transport (ASSOGASMETANO [Italian Vehicle Methane Distributor Association])
  • The markets for methane (mobility, cogeneration, heat), traction and methane energy “tradition”
  • A new process towards greening the gas network: from methane to biomethane, their use in the automotive sector

Positioning on the biomethane transport network and outside: CNG, LNG.

A high-content trade fair


more than 1,000 RELATORS


Ecomondo offers an extensive programme of conferences and workshops aiming to present the most important innovations linked to the adoption of the circular economy.

2017 focuses:

  • Strategies for waste prevention and research in the field of exploiting waste within the frame of the economy
  • Flows of raw materials, alternative and critical for conventional and new industrial processes, efficiency in using traditional raw materials and industrial eco-design
  • Classification and exploitation of waste. New strategies and European regulations, from more technical aspects to best management practice
  • Monitoring, management and exploitation of organic waste, from agriculture and the agri-food industry, solid urban waste, though integrated biorefineries and biomethane production
  • Efficient treatment of industrial and civil waste water with nutrient recovery, their exploitation and reuse of water
  • Biobased industry & bioeconomy in the Mediterranean with the presentation of cases of biorefineries using non-residual-food biomass and agro-industrial and organic solid urban waste byproducts/waste
  • Eco-efficiency of the Italian agro-food chain
  • Monitoring and sustainable reclamation of industrial sites and marine environments
  • Development of storage from renewable energy

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