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Interspill 2015


The central location of this Interspill event is where the oil, marine and environment industries come together. Interspill 2015, as the leading European oil spill conference and exhibition, will build on the success of Interspill 2012 in London, and will look at potential issues to be raised from any future oil spills, and will provide a platform for industry, academia and government to meet, discuss and network.

Event Type:
Trade Show/Exhibition
Mar. 24-26, 2015
Amsterdam RAI Convention Centre
Amsterdam , Netherlands

Interspill 2015 will be held at Amsterdam RAI Convention Centre, the Netherlands, on 24-26 March 2015 and hosted by SRGH.

Interspill is controlled by the European spill industry associations, NOSCA, SYCOPOL, Eurospill and UKSpill, together with EMSA and IPIECA. Oil Spill Response Ltd. is the permanent sponsor of the event. Interspill 2015 is being managed by Reed Exhibitions on behalf of Interspill Ltd.

Interspill 2012 attracted over 1,300 delegates, visitors and exhibitors from over 70 countries, it was the most successful event so far in the Interspill series since it started in 2000. Proceedings of the 2012 conference, workshops and seminars are published on the Interspill website:

For further information see and contact Roger Mabbott, Director, Interspill Ltd at or on +44 (0)845 625 9890

For information on RAI Amsterdam:

For information on SRGH (Spill Response Group Holland):  

Interspill is focused on the changing landscape of Spill Preparedness and Response as E&P and shipping activities continue to move into more challenging environments, and public sensitivities to perceived spill risks have increased. These challenges have generated a range of conference streams, details below.  

More information will soon be available on the 2015 Conference Programme. To register your interest in attending the conference or exhibition, complete the enquiry form to receive updates.

Conference Streams

7 conference streams have been identified by the Interspill Organising Committee. These streams will make up the 2015 Interspill conference programme, more details coming soon.

Streams contentThe 2015 conference streams will focus on:

Multi Agency Response: Spill response involves the interaction of multiple actors and agencies, often differing priorities. This stream features presentations on the challenges and solutions to delivering an effective and efficient response in a multi-agency landscape.

Stakeholder Engagement: In the context of 24hrs news and viral social media party politics, pressure groups and internet lobbying, the way in which Industry engages with its stakeholders has never been more important. With crucial debates to be had, for instance, around the use of dispersants and arctic exploration, this stream will cover issues and best practice.

Inland Issues: Significant quantities of crude oil and refined products are carried on the world’s inland waterways. With increasing traffic congestion and immediately obvious spill impacts this stream examines latest developments in inland spill preparedness and response.

Remote Sensing / Earth Observation: Surveillance and modelling tools and technologies are being developed at an exponential rate. This stream will aid delegates in making informed decisions about the use of these technologies and processing the vast quantities of data produced into useful information for incident managers, regulators and other stakeholders.

Holistic Response: Very few spill incidents involve only one response strategy. Managing multiple strategies in multiple locations requires an understanding of the interaction between different elements of spill preparedness and response. This stream will examine those interfaces and how they are best managed.

Future Risk / Future Requirements: Post Montara and Macondo, new legislation has been enacted which will impact on Industry’s licence to operate.
Meanwhile, new risk profiles are emerging for shipping, exploration and other elements of oil industry operations. This stream will highlight issues and possible outcomes in this arena.

Emerging Technologies and Strategies: In spill preparedness and response there are a number of emergent strategies and tools or techniques that have the potential to change the way we work. This stream will discuss the new ideas and their potential impact on spill preparedness and response activities.

Workshops and Seminar

The Science Workshops are led by CEDRE, and the Spill Industry Seminar by the Eurospill Association, both featuring presentations by Science and Industry on the latest developments.

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