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Smart Cities International Symposium and Exhibition 2017


The world`s urban population is expected to increase by 60 per cent between 2014 and 2050, when 6.3 billion people are projected to live in urban settlements. New insights and solutions are urgently needed in order to manage the scarce resources that will be impacted by this trend, as well as operate new and regenerated urban spaces. New generations of sensor networks, Big Data analytics, and Internet of Things (IoT) applications are being deployed in public and privately managed physical spaces to meet these requirements, though many challenges remain. Municipal governments around the world are currently formulating their Smart City strategies - now is the time to engage and learn from industry peers at the forefront of this key trend.

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Jan. 24-25, 2017
Conference Chicago Center
Chicago , IL , USA


The Smart Cities International Symposium and Exhibition, January 24-25, 2017 in Chicago brings together thought leaders and practitioners from around the world to explore the most recent technology advances, business models, and lessons learned to date in making the Smart City a reality. Expert speakers will examine the experiences of municipal governments who are pushing the envelope and moving toward actual implementation of the Smart City vision. The emphasis is on implementation strategy, case studies, best practices, and the development of compelling business models for transitioning to the 21st Century Smart City.

Topics to be addressed include:

  • Leveraging the smart energy grid for other municipal applications
  • Smart lighting advances, platforms and business models
  • Smart transportation and parking
  • Environmental monitoring and waste management
  • IoT applications and communications networks for enabling the Smarter City
  • Learning from the leaders: key smart city developments around the world
  • Market trends and growth drivers: challenges and opportunities
  • Phased, cost-effective approaches: efficiency measures that can fund additional steps
  • Building a culture of performance via data analytics and benchmarking
  • Enhancing sustainability, accessibility and livability
  • Key emerging technologies and applications
  • And more

  • Government policy makers and managers
  • Mayors and municipal leaders
  • Urban planning professionals
  • Telecommunication companies
  • Electric, water and gas utilities
  • Developers and construction companies
  • Electric vehicle and transportation organizations
  • Financial and investment professionals
  • Smart grid and communication technology providers
  • IT and Big Data analytics companies
  • Standards and regulatory organizations
  • Industry associations

  • Chicago's Smart City Leadership: As a center for smart city application and deployment, Chicago is uniquely situated to lead the national conversation about moving toward the city of the future.
  • Focus on Implementation: The conference places primary focus on actual implementations, key case studies and lessons learned to date, in order to formulate real-world success strategies going forward.
  • Technology Exhibition: Exhibition tables in the coffee break and luncheon area allow for quality networking with industry thought leaders and interaction with cutting-edge innovations
  • Senior-Level Executive Attendees: The Symposium is uniquely designed for senior decision-makers, CIOs, and executives charged with making the smart city a reality in today's environment
  • Emphasis on Qualty Networking: Ample time is reserved for focused, one-on-one meetings and high-value interaction among attendees

Topics to be addressed during the Symposium include (but are not limited to): 

Policy and Planning for Today and the Future

  • Defining the Smart City vision and its value for stakeholders across the spectrum
  • Business models for Smart City project implementation
  • Achieving the objective: setting Smart City goals and action plans
  • Case studies of successful implementations to date

Smart Energy

  • Renewables integration
  • Net Zero residential, commercial and industrial buildings
  • Smart Grid advances and deployment
  • Distributed solar, small wind, and CHP advances
  • Leveraging smart utility networks for municipal applications

IoT and Communication Infrastructure Innovation

  • Sensor and next-gen wireless networks for municipalities
  • Big Data analytics
  • Network security issues, challenges, and requirements
  • IT/OT integration

Smart Transportation

  • Electric vehicles in the evolving urban ecosystem
  • Smart parking strategies and enabling technologies
  • Public transportation innovation and evolution
  • Traffic management and optimization

Innovation & Economic Development

  • Fostering citizen engagement
  • Encouraging entrepreneurship and economic initiative
  • Making cities attractive for investment and business
  • Enhancing urban renewal and engagement

Smart Buildings and the Built Environment

  • Green buildings and optimizing energy & operational efficiencies
  • Smart water strategies and challenges
  • Designing sustainable urban environments
  • Accommodating projected urban growth

Governing the Smart City

  • E-Government initiatives and opportunities
  • Breaking down silos and increasing access
  • Fostering government transparency and positive interaction
  • Encouraging alliances for growth and forward action

Technology Advancements Enabling the Smart City

  • Emerging mobility and computing applications for the Smart City
  • Social media and our shared urban future
  • Envisioning the future: redefining the public / private civic space
  • Monitoring and security technologies for the city of the future

Sponsorship of the Smart Cities International Symposium & Exhibition 2017 ensures that your technology solution, consulting expertise, services, and thought leadership are positioned prominently to a range of municipal professionals and industry leaders at the cutting edge of Smart City deployment. 

This is a unique opportunity to target a senior group of decision-makers, municipal representatives, CIOs, network managers, urban planners, executives, and investors who will be in attendance. 

Sponsors receive a range of valuable exposure opportunities for highlighting their involvement in the Symposium and maximizing their interaction with attendees. Prominent logo positioning on event website, exhibit space, and an opportunity to distribute corporate information to attendees are just a few benefits of sponsorship.

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