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World Water Tech Innovation Summit 2017


The 6th annual World Water-Tech Innovation Summit 2017 focuses on building resilience and accelerating the adoption of commercially viable technologies to meet the demand for sustainable water and urban infrastructure management. 250 industry leaders will meet in London to explore how we can harness innovation to address the most urgent issues facing the world’s water supply. Emphasis will be placed on the need for greater collaboration between different stakeholders in developing a more holistic approach to water management, innovation and financing. Furthermore, the summit will seek to evaluate and optimise current technologies and approaches for transforming waste streams into value streams through effective data management and water re-use and resource recovery, while delving deep into consequences of flooding and drought.

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Feb. 20-22, 2017
Hilton Tower Bridge
London , UK

  • Hear direct from leading utilities: Where are today’s water utilities looking to invest
  • Climate change mitigation: How cities are building resilience and reducing vulnerability from external stresses
  • Turn your wastewater into a resource: Boost your return on investment with water re-use and resource recovery
  • Commercialisation conundrum: Technology commercialisation and adoption
  • Delve into the data debate: Effectively capitalise on the benefits of data-driven decision making
  • International business opportunities: Meet international water leaders and learn from global markets

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