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Disaster Recovery Applications

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    Flood resilience solutions for the Robust flood emergency protocols sector

    Knowledge is key in the event of a natural disaster. Aquobex pioneers the industry by integrating critical flood data with best-in-class mobile barriers and early warning technologies that save lives. Enabling you to understand flood risk, meet budgets and assess your options, we can lead your organisation in planning new ways to provide to mitigation, preparedness, response and recovery services. Our team can handle immediate responses through world-class delivery partners such as Business In The Community, who...

    By Aquobex Ltd. based in Didcot, UNITED KINGDOM.

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    Wastewater treatment management for humanitarian industry

    According to the World Heath Organization (WHO), more than one billion people lack access to safe drinking water and sanitation worldwide, and for this reason, water borne illness has become the leading cause of death. In fact, water borne disease kills more than 3.4 million people each year due to lack of clean water and sanitation treatment. Mobile water treatment systems solve these water contamination issues and save lives across the world.

    By Genesis Water Technologies, Inc. based in Maitland, FLORIDA (USA).

  • SCADA Technology for Water & Wastewater

    Innovative technologies are needed to help control and monitor water supply systems throughout the world. RealiteQ a unique web SCADA technology that works over the Internet can help decision-makers share information crucial to cooperation in the management of water supply.

    By Reali Technologies LTD. based in Zur Yigal, ISRAEL.

  • Remedial Construction for Rail Systems

    ENTACT has successfully completed projects at a wide variety of transportation facilities including ports, rail systems, terminals, and airports. These projects typically require elaborate traffic control precautions as well as sophisticated shoring systems for protection of critical infrastructure. Our safety culture and in-house geotechnical expertise put us in a position to add significant value to complicated transportation related projects.

    By ENTACT, LLC based in Grapevine, TEXAS (USA).

  • ENiGMA - Physical Water Treatment System for Facilities Management

    Approximately 70% of buildings in the UK are sited in hard water areas. This means that there are high levels of calcium bicarbonate present in the water used for drinking, washing heating and cooling. When the water is heated, calcium carbonate attaches to the nearest surface causing scale build-up, which:-

    By Environmental Treatment Concepts Ltd (ETC) based in Knowle, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • Ozone generator for Disaster/fire/flood/bio restoration industry

    Ozone is a very important tool for the disaster restoration industry. An ozone treatment is needed after a disaster because there are usually odors left behind that are signs of smoke damage, water damage and even mold growth. Ozone is a very strong oxidant that when used correctly can effectively remove odors caused by mold, smoke or any decaying organic materials. Ozone will destroy mold at its souce. Ozone is very efficient method for removing odors. An ozone treatment is very simple. Once a property is...

    By International Ozone Technologies Group, Inc. based in Delray Beach, FLORIDA (USA).

  • Disaster restoration solutions for the disaster recovery sector

    It`s a huge advantage to be able to start deodorizing as soon as you get on a loss without worrying about harming anyone or anything. The savings and convenience from reducing additional living expense (ALE) and business interruption costs, as well as restoring contents that would normally be considered unsalvageable, will truly be appreciated by both your customers and the insurance companies.

    By The Hydroxyl Group, LLC based in Westfield, INDIANA (USA).

  • Wastewater treatment solutions for Wastewater Treatment industry

    Wastewater treatment is a broad term that encompasses all kinds of unique projects. That`s why at AWS, we take a personalized approach to each application to ensure that the unit we design does exactly what your application requires.

    By Active Water Solutions, LLC (AWS) based in Houston, TEXAS (USA).

  • Piping System for Hospital

    Quality water supply is imperative to any hospital. Over time, pipes deteriorate resulting in leaks, inferior water quality water, and reduced water flow. At CuraFlo, we know how important a hospital’s plumbing infrastructure is in the delivery of quality patient care. CuraFlo professionals consult with facility managers to diagnose complex problems and propose the best solution to accommodate the special requirements demanded in medical facilities:

    By CuraFlo based in Mesa, BRITISH COLUMBIA (CANADA).

  • Plumbing systems for Multi-tenant / Family Buildings

    Plumbing systems in multi-tenant residential structures inevitably deteriorate. Pinhole leaks form, rust accumulates, interior surfaces degrade with time. These conditions impede water flow, contaminate drinking water, and cause mold to develop in unseen damp areas. The result is an increase in annual maintenance costs and disruption of tenants’ lives.

    By CuraFlo based in Mesa, BRITISH COLUMBIA (CANADA).

  • Super ActivO - Ozone Generators for Common Odours

    Common odours from organic and biological sources can be eliminated by the use of Ecozone’s Professional Super ActivO and Ecozone’s Professional Panther. Typical applications are listed below.

    By Ecozone Technologies Ltd. based in Kadima, ISRAEL.

  • LifeFilta R20 Container & LifeFilta TapFilta for disaster relief

    In any disaster relief operation, the biggest problem faced by aid agencies is the logistics and cost involved to deliver safe drinking water to the victims. We have seen plane loads of bottled water being transported to the site of the disaster, hundreds of people are hauled up to unload the cargo and finally each family gets a carton of bottled water, which may last a maximum of 3 days. Compare this with our LifeFilta straw or bottle which can last for a few years. With our LifeFilta R20 container, a family...

    By LifeFilta based in Tongeren, BELGIUM.

  • Offering historical climate data, current weather conditions & seven-day forecastes for government sector

    From aviation to public safety to weather disaster response, Weather Analytics provides historical climate data, current weather conditions, and seven-day forecasts for anywhere in the world. Weather Analytics supports operations, management and decision-making with comprehensive historical climate data and accurate forecast conditions – perfect for profiling and predicting risk.

    By Weather Analytics based in Bethesda, MARYLAND (USA).

  • Water treatment and mixing equipment for Lakes & Raw water reservoirs sector

    Industry-leading solutions with SolarBee and AerationPlus. Active lake circulation improves water quality. 400+ successful freshwater lake & reservoir restorations. Cyanobacteria (a.k.a. blue-green algae) blooms and associated cyanotoxins may be at the top of the problem list for most organizations but there are other water quality priorities depending on reservoir type and use. Recreational lakes likely favor good fishing & safe swimming while reservoirs used as a raw water drinking source may look to...

    By Medora Corporation based in Dickinson, NORTH DAKOTA (USA).

  • Hydroxyl generator for Disaster restoration

    Titan Hydroxyl Generators create no ozone while processing hydroxyl radicals and hydro peroxides that will effectively remove fire caused odors, nicotine odors, sewage backups, water damage, biohazard and unintended animal odors.

    By International Ozone Technologies Group, Inc. based in Delray Beach, FLORIDA (USA).

  • Pumping & wastewater treatment solutions for industrial wastewater

    Industrial markets around the United States and the world depend on S&L equipment to meet their needs. Systems are pre-engineered and can be customized for various applications. We offer proven designs, lower installation costs, and reduced construction time.

    By Smith & Loveless Inc. based in Lenexa, KANSAS (USA).

  • Building Materials solutions for plaza deck waterproofing sector

    Restoration of existing plaza decks has unique design, performance, and risk consideration. Plaza deck restoration can cause huge disruptions and creates potentially hazardous conditions to the occupants of a building. In addition, the longer the structure remains exposed during restoration the more likely water damage can occur to the interior of the building. COREFLEX has unique performance and installation characteristics that help reduce these problems. By utilizing proven waterproofing technology, COREFLEX...

    By CETCO based in Kings Norton, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • Disaster restoration solutions for the industrial sector

    Odorox industrial solutions are available for the most complex air quality issues, including: Manufacturing and Industrial Facilities. Hog and Poultry , Meat Rendering Plants. Trash Transfer, Recycling, Compost Facilities. Wastewater/Sewage Treatment Facilities, Lift Stations.

    By The Hydroxyl Group, LLC based in Westfield, INDIANA (USA).

  • Clean drinking water management for groundwater application

    Globally, groundwater is becoming increasingly polluted by the day. Given that 98% of our already limited freshwater supply comes from groundwater, Infinite Water is committed to supplying an affordable and effective process to treat and disinfect this water.

    By Infinite Water based in Sydney, AUSTRALIA.

  • Environmental dewatering solutions for mining and mineral processing

    TenCate Geotube technology provides cost-effective and efficient dewatering and containment in the mining and mineral processing industry. In mining and mineral processing (mine tailings, coal sludge, etc), TenCate Geotube dewatering technology enables the recovery of valuable materials, provides structural stability, improves water quality, or reduces storage footprint by sometimes 50 to 80%. Conditioners or polymers are normally used to promote flocculation to improve dewatering rates, solids retention,...

    By TenCate Geosynthetics Netherlands bv based in Hengelo, NETHERLANDS.

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