Heat Stress Monitoring

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  • Smart Heat Stress Detector
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    Smart Heat Stress Detector

    By Scarlet Tech Ltd.

    Scarlet TWL-1S is designed to measure WBGT and thermal work limit (TWL) heat index. The TWL measures air temperature, humidity, radiant heat and wind speed to come up with instructions for work, rest and hydration plan. ...

  • Heat Stress Monitor
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    Heat Stress Monitor

    By Romteck Australia Pty Ltd

    The Romteck Heat Stress Monitor is a portable environmental monitoring tool that provides information to help safety officers evaluate the safety of work locations. It is an essential tool for safety teams and is ...

  • Climate Sensor
    Showcase Product

    Climate Sensor

    By iNOVOTEC Animal Care

    The Climate Sensor provides continuous measurement of environmental factors such as ambient temperature and humidity levels. This data is also transmitted wirelessly to the Base Station or Repeater. The number ...

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  • VDH Industrial Hygiene CC

    VDH Industrial Hygiene CC

    We provide occupational hygiene services to industry across the African continent including Madagascar and Mauritius. Our services typically include ...

  • LSI-LASTEM srl

    LSI-LASTEM srl

    Since 1972, LSI-LASTEM Srl of Milano (Italy) develops, manufactures and delivers worldwide the most complete range of high quality environmental ...

  • Numag Data Systems Pvt Ltd

    Bengaluru, India based Numag Data Systems is a manufacturer of custom designed Embedded systems Manufacturer. Their latest offering is HEAT STRESS ...



    Fluidyn offers modelling software and consultancy services in Computational Fluid Dynamics and related areas such as Stress analysis, Heat transfer, ...

  • Rainwise Australia

    RainWise Australia began life August 2013. RainWise Australia is owned and operated by Boztek Solutions. Boztek Solutions had been in the IT Industry ...