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Architectural Science Review

Founded at the University of Sydney in 1958 by Professor Henry Cowan to promote continued professional development, Architectural Science Review  presents a balanced collection of papers on a wide range of topics. From its first issue over 50 years ago the journal documents the profession’s interest in environmental issues, covering topics such as thermal comfort, lighting, and sustainable architecture, contributing to this extensive field of knowledge by seeking papers from a broad geographical area. The journal is supported by an international editorial advisory board of the leading international academics and its reputation has increased globally with individual and institutional subscribers and contributors from around the world. As a result, Architectural Science Review continues to be recognised as not only one of the first, but the leading journal devoted to architectural science, technology and the built environment.
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Editorial Board


Professor Richard Hyde, Professor of Architectural Science, The University of Sydney

Past Editor

Emeritus Professor Gary T Moore, RAIA PIA FAPA

Founding Editor

Henry Jacob Cowan, AO, 1919‐2007,
Late Emeritus Professor of Architectural Science, The University of Sydney

Associate Editors

Professor Warren Julian, Associate Editor (Environmental Sciences) The University of Sydney

Mr Bruce Forwood, Associate Editor (Sustainable Design) The University of Sydney

Dr Simon Haymon, Associate Editor (Lighting) The University of Sydney

Dr David Gunaratnam, Associate Editor (Structures) The University of Sydney

Honorary Associate Professor Peter R Smith, Associate Editor (Building Sciences, Technology and Economics)

Dr Desil Cabrara, Associate Editor (Audio Acoustics)

Dr David Leifer, Associate Editor (Facilities Management), The University of Sydney

Dr Estelle Lazer, Associate Editor (Archaeological Science) The University of Sydney

Dr Michael Rosenman, (Design computing) The University of Sydney

Book Review Editor

Honorary Associate Professor Peter R Smith

Editorial Assistant

Sue Macleod

Editorial Advisory Board

Dr Mohamed Abdel-Kader, Cairo University, Egypt

Professor Mir M Ali, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, USA
Dr Richard M Aynsley, Delta T Corporation, Brisbane, Australia

Associate Professor Rick Best, Bond University, Australia

Dr Guedi Capeluto, Technion Israel Institute of Technology, Israel

Professor Chew Lit Yin, National University of Singapore, Singapore

Professor W K Chow, Hong Kong Polytechnic University, China

Professor Arza Churchman, Technion Institute of Technology, Israel

Professor Richard de Dear, The University of Sydney, Australia

Dr Marjanna de Jong, Malmo University, Sweden

Dr Hua Ge, British Columbia Institute of Technology, Burnaby, Canada

Professor Robert Gifford, University of Victoria, Canada

Professor Richard Hough, ARUP Australia, Sydney, Australia

Professor Santiago Huerta, Technical University of Madrid, Spain

Professor Ken-Ichi Kimura, International Research Institute on Human Environment, Tokyo, Japan

Professor Ross King, University of Melbourne, Australia

Dr Richard Kittler, Slovak Academy of Science, Slovakia

Dr J C Lam, City University of Hong Kong, China

Professor Roderick J Lawrence, University of Geneva, Switzerland

Professor Li Bin, Tongji University, China

Dr Danny H W Li, City University of Hong Kong, China

Associate Professor Florence Yean Yng Ling, National University of Singapore, Singapore

Professor Jack L Nasar, Ohio State University, USA

Professor Edward Ng, Chinese University of Hong Kong, China

Professor Douglas Noble, University of Southern California, USA

Professor Bülent Özgüc, Bilkent University, Turkey

Emeritus Professor Adrian Page, University of Newcastle, Australia

Professor Deo Prasad, University of New South Wales, Australia

Emeritus Professor Wolfgang F E Preiser, University of Cincinnati, USA

Professor Anthony D Radford, University of Adelaide, Australia

Professor Sue Roaf, Heriot-Watt University, UK.

Professor Helen Ross, University of Queensland, Australia

Professor Stephen Sharples, University of Sheffield, England

Emeritus Professor Edna Shaviv, Technion Israel Institute of Technology, Israel

Professor Koen Steemers, University of Cambridge, England

Associate Professor Bin Su, Unitec Institute of Technology, New Zealand

Professor C M Tam, City University of Hong Kong, China

Emeritus Professor Peter R Tregenza, University of Sheffield, England

Professor Brenda Vale, Victoria University, New Zealand

Dr Jennifer Veitch, National Research Council of Canada, Ottawa, Canada

Professor Jacqueline Vischer, University of Montreal, Canada

Professor Jason Weiss, Purdue University, USA

Associate Professor Terence Williamson, University of Adelaide, Australia

Associate Professor Stephen K Wittkopf, National University of Singapore, Singapore

Professor Leiqing Xu, Tongji University, China

Dr Semiha Yilmazer, Bilkent University, Turkey

Professor Zeng Saixing, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, China

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Aims & Scope

Architectural Science Review publishes original research papers, shorter research notes, and abstracts of PhD dissertations and theses in all areas of architectural science including:

  • building science and technology
  • environmental sustainability
  • structures and materials
  • audio and acoustics
  • illumination
  • thermal systems
  • building physics
  • building services
  • building climatology
  • building economics
  • ergonomics
  • history and theory of architectural science
  • the social sciences of architecture

All research papers, research notes and review articles are double-blind refereed by a distinguished international Editorial Advisory Board and other experts in the field. ASRE also publishes occasional refereed special issues, invited review papers and editorials, and extensive book reviews.


Soon after Professor Henry Cowan took up the Chair of Architectural Science at the University of Sydney in 1954, he arranged a series of public lectures to fill a need expressed by the architectural profession in the city. The technical and scientific aspects of architecture had progressed so rapidly during and after the war years, there was a need for what is now known as `continuing professional development`, although that name came much later.

The series of lectures presented by leading members of the professions and from the universities were well received, and soon it was decided to publish a collection of them, in a format similar to a technical journal. It became apparent that there were many more papers that would be welcomed, and experienced people willing to write them, and the idea of a continuing journal quickly emerged.

The first issue was published in November 1958, with five full-length papers, a bibliography on climate and architecture, book reviews, a list of publications received, and abstracts from the periodical literature. Professor Cowan`s book reviews continued to be a valued part of the journal until his passing in 2007, by which time over 4500 reviews had been published, all but a few of them by Professor Cowan, but a few also by leading experts in the various fields.

Although structural and constructional issues were of great interest at that time, the bibliography and three of the first five papers were actually devoted to environmental issues: thermal comfort, lighting, and tropical architecture, indicating that the professions` interest in environmental issues stretches back much further than the currently popular oil prices and energy shortages.

Throughout its history, ASRE has endeavoured to present a balanced collection of papers on the wide range of topics that contribute to its broad field, and to seek those papers, where possible, from as broad a geographical spread as possible. Many former students of Professor Cowan from developing countries have gone on to become academics and researchers, and have had the opportunity to publish in ASRE.

Over the years, the Architectural Science Review became a more and more international journal, with individual and institutional (library) subscribers and contributors from around the world, supported by an international editorial advisory board of the leading academics in the field likewise from around the world. ASRE became recognised, and continues to be recognised, as not only the first but the leading journal in the field.

To commemorate 50 years of publication, a function was held in the Faculty of Architecture, Design and Planning at the University of Sydney in 2006. At that time, tribute was paid to Professor Cowan for his foresight and dedication in inaugurating and continuing the publication for half a century.

Professor Cowan passed away in July 2007, having completed the last of his book reviews only a few weeks before. An obituary was included in Issue 50.3 (September 2007).

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