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Published since 1993, this quarterly electronic-only journal presents authoritative literature reviews on a wide range of environmental science and associated environmental studies topics, with emphasis on the effects on and response of both natural and manmade ecosystems to anthropogenic stress. The authorship and scope are international, with critical literature reviews submitted and invited on such topics as sustainability, water supply management, climate change, harvesting impacts, acid rain, pesticide use, lake acidification, air and marine pollution, oil and gas development, biological control, food chain biomagnification, rehabilitation of polluted aquatic systems, erosion, forestry, bio-indicators of environmental stress, conservation of biodiversity, and many other environmental issues.

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Environmental Reviews

Environmental Reviews

Environmental Reviews is a journal publishing scholarly reviews in the environmental sciences, as well as letters of opinion and commentaries on issues raised in articles published in the Journal. Publication is in English or in French.

The focus is on critical literature reviews of research within a broad range of the environmental sciences. Certain journal issues may focus on a particular theme, while others will provide reviews covering a variety of topics. Ideally, the subject material is to be international in scope.

All contributions, whether invited or unsolicited, will be reviewed and edited. Skill in communication, as well as authority of knowledge, will be paramount. Authors are encouraged to be creative in the liberal use of figures, tables, charts, and models to visually present data and ideas. Recent books for review will be considered from the environmental sciences, and reviews of some will be included in journal issues. Books for review should be sent to the Editor or to NRC Research Press, clearly marked for Environmental Reviews.

Environmental Reviews

Contact Information


Dr. John P. Smol, Queen's University, Canada

John P. Smol, PhD, PhD (hc), LLD (hc), FRSC, is a prominent Canadian researcher. He is the Co-Director of the Paleoecological Assessment and Research Laboratory at Queen's University. He has published over 400 scientific papers and chapters on paleolimnology, is the Founding Editor of the Journal of Paleolimnology, series book editor of Developments in Paleoenvironmental Research, and is the Editor of Environmental Reviews. He is the editor or author of 18 books, including the textbook Pollution of Lakes and Rivers: A Paleoenvironmental Perspective, now in its second edition. Smol is a worldwide lecturer and winner of many prestigious awards, including the Steacie Fellow, the Killam Fellow, and the Herzberg NSERC Gold Medal. He also was presented with a 3M National Teaching Fellowship, considered by many to be Canada's top teaching honour, and was just recently named by Nature magazine as Canada's Top Mid-Career Science Mentor.

Assistant Editor

Kathleen Ruhland — Queen’s University

Tel.: 613-533-6000 ext. 77337
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Editorial Advisory Board/Associate Editors

B. Freedman (Canada)

K. Hall (Canada)

S.E. Hrudey (Canada)

J.A. Hutchings (Canada)

T.C. Hutchinson (Canada)

W.M. Last (Canada)

R.J. Macdonald (Canada)

D. Mackay (Canada)

M. Mallory (Canada)

J.O. Nriagu (USA)

A.L. Page (USA)

D.W. Schindler (Canada)

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Environmental Reviews
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Environmental Reviews

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