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Journal of Unmanned Vehicle Systems


This quarterly journal covers developments in the rapidly emerging international field of unmanned vehicle systems and their sensors.

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About the journal

Editor: David Bird, Ph.D.

The Journal of Unmanned Vehicle Systems was established in spring 2013, with the first issue published in fall 2013. This quarterly electronic-only journal features editorials, articles, notes, and letters related to developments in the rapidly emerging international field of unmanned vehicle systems (remotely controlled machines used for aerial, terrestrial, and aquatic systems) and their sensors. The journal is broadly themed into four main areas of applications of practical and academic interest: civil, environmental, military, and engineering technology. Submissions are welcomed from researchers and practitioners in academia, government, and industry from all over the world.


The fundamental characteristic of unmanned vehicle systems (UVS) is the absence of a human operator on board. These systems fall into three main categories, marine, terrestrial, and aerial, the latter being the most popular. The development and application of UVS is a rapidly emerging field of technology in many parts of the world. While much of the media attention has focused on military applications, the civil and commercial sector applications have grown, and continue to grow, stronger with each passing year. With UVS technology expanding at such a fast pace, the need for a peer-reviewed scientific journal dedicated strictly to UVS and aimed at communicating new information, both successes and failures alike, to interested communities (including military, commercial, civilian, and environmental users) all over the world is increasingly important.

Journal Objective

The objective of the Journal of Unmanned Vehicle Systems is to provide an accessible, consolidated forum where peer-reviewed scientific knowledge on the design, development, testing, and applications of unmanned vehicle systems in the air, on and under the water, and on land is published and disseminated.

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