3E Company Announces New DGSA Compliance Services


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Services provide cost-effective, outsourced solution for companies requiring a Dangerous Goods Safety Advisor

Tuesday, October 03, 2006 — 3E Company®, the leading provider of Environmental Health and Safety (EH&S) compliance and information management services, today announced a new suite of Dangerous Goods Safety Advisor (DGSA) services that provides a cost-effective, outsourced solution for companies requiring a DGSA to help achieve and maintain compliance. These services are ideal for manufacturers, distributors, suppliers and other companies involved in the shipment of dangerous goods by road, rail or inland waterway in Europe that require the functions of a DGSA.

3E Company's dangerous goods professionals are certified and have the global EH&S expertise and communication skills required to expertly fulfill the functions of a DGSA, as required by the European Agreement Concerning the International Carriage of Dangerous Goods. These DGSAs are backed by a team of multilingual EH&S experts and have extensive knowledge of multi-modal dangerous goods regulations as well as practical experience in performing dangerous goods audits and other dangerous goods transportation issues. This unparalleled combination of resources allows 3E Company to provide cost-effective and comprehensive services that facilitate DGSA compliance.

3E Company's DGSA services include:

- Advising the employer on EH&S matters in connection with transporting dangerous goods

- Supporting the annual compliance audit of each of the customer's facilities across Europe, which typically includes reviewing the dangerous goods activities and compliance actions related to work procedures, employee training, marketing information, and general housekeeping

- Verifying that a management system is in place for shipping dangerous goods

- Preparing the customer's dangerous goods annual report for management and public authorities The foundation of the new services is the assignment of a DGSA to each customer. The DGSA audits the customer's existing EH&S strategy to determine the DGSA services that are most critical and to ensure consistency in enforcement across multiple sites. Developing a thorough understanding of a customer's business enables the DGSA to produce deliverables and recommend services that reflect the company's culture and business practices.

'3E's new DGSA services help customers streamline the chemical regulatory compliance process and save valuable resources,' said Jytte Syska, vice president of international operations, 3E Company. 'As we continue our expansion into Europe, we have become uniquely positioned to assist customers with their global compliance needs. Our industry-leading suite of services and solutions facilitate global compliance by enabling customers to better understand and satisfy the regulatory requirements in the countries where they conduct business.'

3E Company's DGSA services are available immediately. Pricing is based on the scope and frequency of DGSA services.

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