5 Reasons to Test Your Well Water


A lot of us know that we should test our water when we notice a problem with it. Three of the most common problems are when the water gives off a bad smell, is discolored or leaves behind stains. However do you realize that some problems you may be facing such as gastrointestinal upsets, dry skin, or even hardness may be a sign that there is something wrong with your water? Most dangerous contaminants are not easily noticeable in our water and the only reason to know for sure that the water is safe to drink/use is to carry out a water test.

If this is not reason enough to test your water read below what we believe to be 5 of the major reasons you should have your well water tested.

1. The most important reason to test your drinking water

For most private well users, the most important reason to test you well water is the annual check up.  Like any equipment or natural creation changes occur over time. Your well and the water it produces are not exception.  Sometimes those changes occur in a matter of months. Other times it can take years. Annual maintenance of your private well is the owners responsibility.  Like the physical exam you routine receive or give to your pet, like changing the oil in your car on a set schedule, your well needs that checkup and maintenance also.  Virtually every expert on the subject from the EPA to wellowners.org recommend annual maintenance.  That maintenance should include a test of the water and disinfecting the well.  

2. If you are pregnant, nursing or caring for an infant

If you are expecting a child or if you have recently had a baby it is very important to get your water tested. Not just for your health but for the sake of the baby. Infants and pregnant women are very vulnerable to contaminated water and because of their delicate conditions they are most susceptible to illnesses caused by water contamination. If you or any member of your household falls under this category, then please get your water tested.

3. If any member of your household experiences recurring gastrointestinal distress

Gastrointestinal distress can be caused by a wide variety of things and one major factor that is routinely overlooked is the possibility that it can be caused by your well water. If any member of your household (including pets) experiences recurring gastrointestinal distress, it may be a sign that microorganisms or copper are contaminating your well water.

If gastrointestinal distress has been a recurring problem in your home, we strongly recommend that you test your water as soon as possible. The only way to be sure that your well water is not the culprit is to get it tested today.

4. If your home has lead pipes, brass fixtures or lead soldered joints

The presence of lead pipes or lead soldered joints (in construction prior to 1986) and most brass fittins puts your water at risk of being contaminated by lead. Lead typically enters the water through the corrosion of the soldering of pipes, fixtures, or joints. The longer water has sits in your pipes, the more likely it is to have some kind of contamination from lead. Lead in the water causes damage to both adults and children, and can cause kidney damage, mental disabilities in individuals, and more. If your home has lead pipes, brass fixtures, or lead soldered joints, you would most certainly need to get a water test.

Most modern homes do not have these problems, however if your home is older than 15 years, then you should go ahead to test your water to be on the safe side.

5. If your home is located near any farms, industrial facility, gas stations, dry cleaners or waste disposal sites.

Your well water comes from deep sources and the supply source is not isolated to your property. Water comes from aquifers and these aquifers often flow from one place to another so chemicals and contaminants can seep into the ground water from various industrial facilities and be transported into your water. Even if you live two or more miles from these facilities. it is important to know that they are not engaged in any practices that may put the health of your family at risk. The only way to know for sure is to test your water. If in doubt, please call our experts here at ETR Laboratories and someone will be glad to help you out.

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