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A greener kind of metal cleaning


Source: ASTM International

A new ASTM International standard covers an environmentally friendly way to clean and coat metals used in industries such as aerospace, biomedical, energy and more. This standard will soon be published as A1093, Specification for Electrolytic Plasma Treatment Processing of Conductive Materials.

The standard eliminates the need to use acids in cleaning while providing an approach for depositing a variety of coatings in many applications.

ASTM member Pratheesh George, a materials research analyst with CAP Technologies, notes that the electrolytic plasma treatment process is unique in that it can be used to both clean and coat metals. “This process does not change the properties of the material. In addition, this method describes a process for coatings with excellent ductility and adhesion,” says George.

Manufacturers of steel products such as wires, springs and cables will be the most likely users of this new standard, using this approach in place of existing galvanizing processes.

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