Addressable Gas Detection Leads to Large Cable Savings


Cabling Costs and Space Issues
Why is it that in today’s digital age many Gas Detection Systems still need to be installed with individual analogue loops from control to sensor, each requiring a separate 3 or 4 core cable connection.

As you increase the size of a Gas Detection System so the corresponding loops increase by that factor of 3 or 4.

Subsequently this mass of cabling and termination needs housing either by trying to feed it into the control panel or to save confusion in a separate marshalling box.

Addressable Solutions
Using gas detection on an addressable highway could not be simpler. The loop consists of 4 cores, two that run the 24VDC to power the field devices and the two cores for communication. That single highway cable is used to interconnect all the field devices, either as a spur or looped back to the panel as a ring highway.

The highway can be used in safe or hazardous areas working fully with ATEX approved Detectors. Additionally addressable Beacons, Sounders and Relays can be used on a highway give the user maximum field flexibility when designing their system.

Recently when working with an Oil Terminal Client for full installation costs they identified a difference from Analogue -12Km of Cable, to addressable of just 2Km of Cable. When this 10km cable saving is then added to relevant Cable Tray. Marshall Box and Labour savings then addressable systems show a massive saving and advantage.

International Gas Detectors
For the last 10 years IGD have grown the concept of Addressable Detection to a range of Gas Detectors and relevant control panels.

Our Control Panels vary in Highway size from 1-4, 1-32 and 1-255 detectors.

The highways are RS485 protocol with full highway and sensor diagnostics monitored and reported as required by the operator.

All highway components carry a unique address and this allows zones, alarm outputs and therefore reporting and executive actions to be configured to a client’s requirement.

Our panels also carry the capability of mixing Addressable Highways with Analogue Loops and also adding Conventional Fire Detection.

However even with all this to an operator’s eye apart from the cable changes the panel will look and behave just like a standard control package.

All Detectors are designed for field calibration. With a Palm PDA all details of the relevant sensor can be interrogated including:
Date of Manufacture
Date and Time of last calibration
Raw Detector Data
Plus the Palm with allow you to
Force outputs.

Once you are connected into one sensor then through the highway you can address any detector, this massively reduces service times on Hazardous Area sites as a highway can be walked very quickly just applying gas at the relevant sensor with no “work permit” intervention required.

Although relatively new the application of addressable systems is straightforward, however if required IGD have engineers available to sit with clients and build the system specific to their needs.

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