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Advanced Cyclone Systems - 1st Quarter Newsletter, 2015


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2015 has seen ACS meet all of its growth targets so far. In the first quarter, orders rose by 65% compared to the same period last year, thanks to the contribution of medium to large size projects. Notably ACS started working with companies such as Sab Miller in Honduras for emission control in a large 120t/h bagasse fired steam boiler and further increased the supply of systems for medium sized BFB boilers in Indonesia.

In Europe, biomass combustion plants wait for the final revision of the Medium Combustion Plant Directive from the European Commission, after receiving strong opposition from several wood related entities, such as the Finnish Energy Industries and the Finnish Forest Industries. These institutions complain about the drastic cuts on the PM emission limits currently proposed by the commission. I was personally involved in several workshops and conferences in Finland, as well as in Poland, not only to explain the advantages of our solutions, but mainly to inform the interested parties about the escalading performance of our systems to meet different requirements. Indeed, ACS can deliver a wide range of cyclone solutions to meet 100, 50 or 30mg/Nm3, thresholds that are way under present emission limits in several countries, includingFinland, where the general emission limit for small boilers is around 300mg/Nm3. ACS can enable the compliance of the new regulation with very reasonable investment costs and thereby fill a major gap in the filtration market, served mainly by Filters and ESPs, at the expense of high OPEX and CAPEX, respectively. We expect the Commission to be sensitive to these arguments, thus avoid levelling all boilers equal and independently of its size in terms of PM emissions compliance.

Biomass is indeed confirming to be the most important area for ACS, responsible for gasification projects (Biosus - UK), pellet manufacturing (Verdo Renewables - UK) and, of course, combustion (Cargill - Honduras)

On the other hand, the powder recovery area has also shown a high demand from repeating customers for API recovery in spray drying (Hovione - Portugal) or powder recovery after tablet pressing (Actavis- USA).

As a final note, ACS largest project to date, ordered by EDP – Electricity of Portugal, has just been commissioned in April and is delivering extremelly promising first results!


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