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Source: SafetySkills

SafetySkills™ Direct allows small businesses to experience the benefit online safety training and a learning management system without having to purchase or install software.

“Consumers have smartened up. Whether you’re looking for online safety training or music for your iPhone, there are a million companies that all claim to be your end-all solution,” said Trey Greene, CEO of

“No one wants to pay for a service that doesn’t meet their needs. That’s why we give everyone the opportunity to experience SafetySkills™ Direct without charge,” said Greene.

SafetySkills™ Direct has a Basic Safety Awareness Series that consists of six environmental health and safety courses that can be assigned to 100 or fewer employees without charge. The courses in this series were selected to cover the widest range of workplace hazards. The free courses include:

* Basic Electrical Safety
* Basic Fire Safety
* Flammable and Combustible Liquids
* Intro to HAZCOM
* Material Handling
* Walking and Working Surfaces

“We’re in the business of protecting employees. If we can help prevent an injury, and help you stay in compliance with OSHA – we’ve done our job. But we hope that you will love our courses so much that the next time you need training you’ll immediately think of SafetySkills,” said Greene.

SafetySkills™ Direct is for small businesses with 100 or fewer employees to train. For larger companies, SafetySkills™ Enterprise has advanced reporting features and also allows for course customization.

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