Air pollution control equipment


Source: Nacah Tech LLC

By using efficient components and thoughtful designs, Nacah Tech provides the right equipment for air pollution control applications especially difficult pollutants.

  • Choose Nacah Tech for solutions for
  • difficult applications including:
  • Particulate-laden off gas
  • N-compound bearing gas
  • Low NOx or SOx requirement
  • Liquid condensate issues
  • Varying heat content
  • Overheating potential
  • Bath processes
  • Fluctuating flow rates
  • “Sticky” contaminants
  • Space constraints
  • HAP,
  • Meet NOx, SOx, PM, DRE requirements
  • Efficient methods for regulatory compliance
  • Used in industrial processes which generate off-gases or VOCs, with or without PM
  • Designed for new plant installations, renovations to existing processes, or retrofits
  • Sustainable designs
  • Energy conscious
  • Balance initial cost with long-term operating cost benefits
  • Work with fabricators as needed for domestic or international locations
  • High or low flow rates


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