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Annacis Research Center, Vancouver, praises the speed, safety and accuracy of the PeCOD COD testing system


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The Annacis Wastewater Centre Sustainability Academy has recognized MANTECH for its donation of water analysis and testing equipment, which is being used by the faculty and students of the University of British Columbia (UBC) to conduct wastewater research.

Their director, Jeff Carmichael, has praised the speed, safety and accuracy that the PeCOD system offers their researchers.

In 2013 Metro Vancouver (MV) and The University of British Columbia (UBC) opened the Annacis Research Centre (ARC) on Annacis Island. The construction of the Centre was a joint effort by MV, UBC and the Governments of Canada and British Columbia. The Annacis Research Centre is a state-of-the-art wastewater research facility located on Annacis Island, beside Metro Vancouver’s Annacis Island Wastewater Treatment Plant. Their goal is to foster new and innovative ways to manage wastewater (or sewage), which is no longer seen as only a waste product, but is increasingly viewed as something that can provide valuable resources.

The Centre is equipped with laboratory facilities for research, education and training. Facilities are also available to support the exchange of ideas through conferences, workshops, community dialogues and other events.

“Our Annacis Research Centre researchers have remarked that PeCOD produces results very quickly, which allows them to complete research more rapidly. They have also been impressed with the fact that it doesn’t use harmful chemicals, reducing safety risks to researchers and to the environment. They have also found that the PC Tritrate equipment is very effective. It gives extremely accurate results, is well designed, and works automatically, saving researcher time. We are thankful to the University of British Columbia and MANTECH for the donated equipment, and look forward to its role in advancing research in the region.”

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