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atg UV Technology provide apprenticeships and work experience to aspiring engineers through working closely with TTE (Training Tomorrow’s Engineers).

Developing a basic knowledge and understanding of engineering, the apprentices will spend the first year of their apprenticeship at TTE, working and learning for two days each week. Towards the end of this 12-month period, they will apply for apprenticeships at different organisations affiliated with TTE, including atg UV Technology.

What is the application process?

In place of a formal interview process, the successful apprenticeship applicants to atg UV Technology will embark upon a series of four work experience days. Working closely with the current engineering team, this is the ideal forum for the apprenticeship candidates to put their basic engineering knowledge to practice in real world scenarios.

To give the apprentices the opportunity to overcome their nerves, get to know the team and to make an informed decision about whether they feel atg UV Technology is the right fit for them, these work experiences are divided into two sets of two days.

Before you apply for an apprenticeship at any company, do your research. Make sure you’re ready to roll your sleeves up before you get stuck in. When you’re there, ask plenty of questions because this is the start of your future and if you have any doubts, the time is now to raise them. Be open, be honest, but more importantly enjoy yourself.”
Nic, Production Supervisor

Why do an Apprenticeship at atg UV Technology?

As a manufacturer of a variety of UV water treatment systems, atg UV Technology is well placed to enable engineering apprentices to develop their skills and experience as their apprenticeship progresses.

The apprentices spend time learning about the range of systems manufactured by atg UV Technology; beginning with the smaller systems, they will work their way through the ranges as they become more technologically advanced.

Apprentices’ confidence, experience, responsibilities, skillset and workload will all develop as their apprenticeship progresses and begin working on high profile projects as well as more technically challenging tasks.

“An apprenticeship was the best option for me. You have no university debt and you can earn money whilst you learn. It’s great as you gain experience for the future.”

Alex, atg UV Technology Apprentice

Building upon different experiences within the company, the apprentices will develop engineering skills in both electrical and mechanical disciplines. This ensures that they are given the best opportunity to develop a wide range of skills throughout their apprenticeship and to ensure that they reach their potential as an engineer.

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