Aquatech, supporting the growth of industry


Source: Aquatech Dewatering Company

You have probably seen Aquatech, exhibiting at trade shows, working on projects or volunteering in the community. In less than four short years, Aquatech has built a business on protecting our natural environment. From the company’s approach, to its equipment down to its services, Aquatech has built its business on the fundamental belief of being customer focused and an environmentally responsible company.

Quality and excellence
Andy Ingriselli, President of the Concord Ontario-based Aquatech, credits the company’s success on its commitment to quality and excellence. “We base our reputation and integrity on how we get the job done. This sets the standard for the way we do business every day,” said Ingriselli. In order to meet this standard, Aquatech has committed to holding themselves, their clients and their team responsible. “We have built our business on the fundamental belief that we can support growth of industry, infrastructure and community while protecting the integrity of the natural environment. As a company, we recognize that we are part of the community and what we do impacts everyone.”

Ingriselli also credits the company’s success to staff and an ongoing pledge to devote funds to researching new technologies. “Our staff values our client relationships. They have helped to create lasting relationships by treating each client with the highest level of respect and courtesy,” Ingriselli explained.

Drawing from worldwide resources and partners when it comes to specialized pumping and fi ltration equipment has also allowed Aquatech to grow its market share. “We are strong believers in continually researching products and services that would best meet our clients’ and industry’s needs. No two projects are ever the same, so it’s important to investigate other methods that are being used across the globe.”

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