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AquiTron AT-APA Addressable Pinpoint Alarm launched


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  • Minimise downtime and a costly clean-up
  • Protect your building and pinpoint a leak fast

The AquiTron Addressable Pinpoint Alarm (AT-APA) is a highly efficient leak detection alarm panel for use with TraceTek sensing cables and AquiTron point sensors/probes.

Up to four hardwired separate leak detection channels (zones) can be connected to the panel.

Six leak detection probes or up to 100 metres of leak detection cable can be connected to each zone. Each circuit can be divided up to 10 zone ‘regions’ and each region individually named.

This, along with multiple connection methods available for external equipment, make this a panel to fit almost any application.

The unit has been designed for all fluid leak detection applications where fast localisation of the leak, automatic alarm reports and remote monitoring of the data are important. All detailed information about the alarm is also sent by mail and is also available to the building management system via Modbus TCP/IP. An SNMP trap is also sent in the case of a leak.

This module also contains the necessary volt-free relay contacts per channel for alarm reports. The operator can constantly monitor the status of the leak detection loops; this can be done on site on the touch screen and a computer via the built-in 
web server.

AquiTron AT-APA joins Aquilar’s vast range of leak detection products for multiple applications.

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