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ASO Bio-carrier MBBR media developed by PEWE, LLC.


The Process Engineered Water Equipment, LLC new MBBR media targets biological treatment of Industrial and Municipal wastewater.

Vancouver, WA (PEWE) November 17, 2014 -- The ASO Bio-carrier is the latest development by Process Engineered Water Equipment, LLC (PEWE) in MBBR media for biological treatment of wastewater.  The ASO Bio-Carrier is an efficient media for moving bed biofilm reactor MBBR aerobic or anoxic applications.   The plastic surface is especially designed to provide a suitable home for biological colonies of bacteria and protozoa to grow and flourish.  The  technology provides for a cylindrical self-sloughing flow through carrier.  The MBBR method of treatment requires no sludge recycling or backwashing and is a single pass system.

The ASO Bio-carrier is made of virgin high density polyethylene material and comes standard with a UV white finish.  The outer hub ring has added thickness for superior crush resistance and strength.  Interior striations provide additional surface area for the maximum biofilm capacity.  And unlike square media, the cylinder shape readily peel from each other and are not prone to stacking.  Benefits of the ASO Bio-carrier are compact system, maximum operating range, shock resistant, easy care and made in the U.S.A.

Process Engineered Water Equipment, LLC (PEWE) designs and manufactures liquid/solid separation systems for the Industrial and Municipal wastewater treatment markets.


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