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Reduce Your Plant’s Operating Fuel Costs by watching your P’s & Q’s:

A plant tracked the products of combustion and the oxygen quotient (percent oxygen) in those POC’s to determine that lowering the oxygen (excess air rate) would result in reduced operating costs. Nacah Tech LLC completed a project to improve the fuel efficiency of the existing thermal oxidizer. The work involved the supply, integration, and installation of an oxygen trim system. The new oxygen analyzer senses the excess oxygen in the products of combustion. The new controller adjusts the combustion air damper (control of excess air being introduced) position in response to the oxygen sensed. Savings predicted were between US$60,000 and US$120,000 per year depending on oxygen present in the operation and the level of reduction. This chemical company client has waste streams that are oxidized in the system to comply with the regulatory requirements.

Another company with multiple plants sought to improve their processes, including kiln firing and combustion efficiency. To do so, they hired Nacah Tech to review the existing plants. Each plant had their own variation on the production method. After a site visit by Nacah Tech, each plant had several recommendations to improve efficiency, reduce operating costs, improve product, and in the end, increase sustainability. The plants were able to choose those that made most economical sense for their operation and implement those recommendations to become more sustainable and improve product. Recommendations may include; production methods, optimum burner selection, maintenance concerns, combustion air arrangement, excess air amount, offgas introduction and use, refractory selection / maintenance, heat recovery optimization, controls upgrades, etc.

For more information to see if your operation may benefit from this type review or additions or other operating cost (fuel, power, etc.) reductions, contact:
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