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Custom-fitted TOC process analyzer

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Total Organic Carbon Analyzer QuickTOCultra

LAR's TOC process analyzer QuickTOCultra is a measuring system for complex water applications. Due to a patented injection and oxidation technique, the analyzer easily handles sticky, fatty, salty, and high-particle samples. The sample is injected via a robot-driven injection system to the furnace, whereby pre-treatment or dilution is unnecessary. In the furnace, the sample is combusted at 1,200°C. Based on the high temperature, the organic content is completely oxidized to CO2. Hence, operators do not need expensive oxidation promoting catalysts. Besides, the QuickTOCultra convinces with a fast response time of less than three minutes as well as with a high availability of up to 98%. The TOC analyzer is operated by touch-screen display. The TOC analyzer can be adapted to the requirements of the different applications by means of modules such as the measurement of 6 sample streams in one analyzer.

The custom-fitted analyzers are optimally suitable for monitoring and optimization of industrial processes and municipal as well as industrial waste water treatment plants.

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